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This casino is the real thing. Not only are the fair to thier customers, they have a great interface that uses shockwave, it has excellent sound and all the popular games. Try here:

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Give these guys a try, you won't be disappointed.
Rharris , is this the kind of casino you play in and recommend ???????


IGC Seeks Damages from Total Entertainment and its
OnlineCasino et al.

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Interactive Gaming & Communications Corp. (IGC) (OTC Bulletin
Board: SBET - news) announced today that it is proceeding into the damages and financial restitution phase of its May 4,
1999, injunction and lawsuit.

On May 4, 1999, a temporary injunction was granted by the Superior Court, District of Montreal (Quebec) Canada, against
InterCapital Global Fund Ltd. T/A The Online Casino, InterCapital Canada Ltd., Alex Kennedy, Sandy Masselli, and Steven
F. Savage, and subsequently renewed on May 13, 1999, for the unauthorized use and possession of IGC's ``LiveAction
Gaming Platform(TM),'' source code, corporate documents and other copyright infringements.

To date, all of the defendants, as well as Total Entertainment (OTC Bulletin Board: TTLN - news), the parent company of
InterCapital and one Vance Hein (a former Intersphere employee) have delivered to IGC, corporate and individual affidavits.
The affidavits acknowledge that the defendants have surrendered, removed and/or destroyed all known copies of IGC's
LiveAction gaming platform or other corporate and personal documents that were in their possession without authorization.

The affidavits further ensure to IGC that should, through the result of the defendants actions, the unauthorized code or
documents or portions thereof be found in the possession of any 3rd parties, the defendants, at their own expense, shall take
the necessary actions to protect and retrieve the proprietary assets of IGC.

On July 30th, 1999. IGC's Canadian counsel has filed a motion to modify its original complaint seeking damages due to the
defendants actions, case no: 500-05-050023-991. IGC has also reported the actions of the defendants to both the FBI and
local law enforcement agencies and has turned over records and information for their investigation into possible criminal acts.

Michael F Simone, president of IGC said in a statement today that ``our gaming software is our company's most valuable asset
and has cost us in excess of $2,000,000.00 in research and development. We do not intend to let these products fall into the
hands of individuals who wish to capitalize on our technology, hard work, knowledge and success. We further intend to seek
full restitution and prosecution under all available civil and copyright laws from individuals attempting to do so.''

Further information pertaining to the Total Entertainment action may be obtained through the IGC web site at
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or contacting Mr. Marshall in the investor relations department.

SOURCE: Interactive Gaming & Communications Corp.

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The facts here are Interactive Gaming-SBET sues everybody. Their accusations never went to court because they failed to post a $4000.00 bond. The people behind SBet are questionable. I don't think you should jump to conclusions just because some threatens legal action ala claude levy. By the way SBet is on everyones bad news list
How dare you call me a shill. I have been playing and winning at Casino on Net for years. The reason you played with me twice is because I'm always there. I'm trying to become one of Casino on Net's "premium" players who get paid off quick. All you have to gamble is TWO MILLION DOLLARS and membership is yours. Another year or two and I'm in. See you at the tables.

"The Captain"
Here's a chronology of the events and ordeals I am going thru to get my money from on-line casino.

7/24 MONDAY - received email saying they successfully received my redemption request. that it would be procesed that Mo. (it didnt)

7/31 MONDAY - received email saying money was approved to go Fedex, by this point I was nervous and evidently I was given the "run around" I made up my mind to redeem everything on my account, so I had two withdrawals (over $1000) pending.

8/2 WEDNESDAY - I emailed them asking for the fed ex tracking numbers of my redemptions, something any reputable casino would be happy to provide.

8/3 THURSDAY - Received email from On-line casino where they said they did not have tracking numbers yet, blah, blah, blah...last line of their message:
"We had a holiday this week and the process is one day delayed, you should receive your check by wednesday if not please let us know."

8/9 WEDNESDAY - No money, call them like they asked me to. Spoke with "Joe" He said the money has not left and that tracking numbers will not be available till friday (8/11), asked me to call then.

8/10 THURSDAY - complaining in this forum.

Bottom line: redemption request made 7/24 and to the day of this posting 8/10 the money hadnt even left, that's 17 days. Most importantly I was lied to when they wrote me saying that the money should be here by yesterday 8/9 and they knew they hadnt even sent my check.

Now that is poor customer service
will I get my money? will let you know

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