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May 14, 2004
Hi everyone,

I play on Omni casino and I tried increasing my bet to bet more than $300, but it never allows me to bet more than $300.

Has anyone on here successfully been able to increase their bet to more than $300 on Omni Casino.

Thanks in advance.
Internal Limits

This will be down to table limits in the software. It will probably be displaying "you have bet your maximum" or "bet adjusted to table maximum", either top left or right. It may be possible to adjust your limits under "Options" to a certain extent. The amount of adjustment possible is set by the casino operator, and may be different from player to player, and with status (VIP's generally have higher limits).

I note that you have posted this in the "complaints" area too! You might get a "slapped wrist" for this, as strictly this is not a complaint, and this subforum is the best place for this type of general question. Most posters, like myself, will look in all threads where input may be of help, and you are no more likely to get a faster respose with 2 identical posts as with one in the "right place". Don't let this scare you off though, you are welcome to the forum, and this place is very helpful when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of playing online with "proper" money.
When you request a withdrawal, you may well be asked to produce a photo ID by the casino before they release the funds. With $300+ type action, perhaps leading to some large transactions, this will be inevitable (it should only happen once though).

If you are really "new to this" as your handle and number of posts imply, do you REALLY want to bet more than $300 a shot? There is an obscure feature in these casinos, where four consecutive wins with the max wager at Blackjack can trigger a game freeze, it happens with a win of around $18,000 in 4 or 5 hands (big bets!), and the game is disabled for 24 to 48 hours. The ethics of this has been debated here, especially given that this does not happen if you LOSE said $18,000 in 4 to 5 games!
liquidsoap said:
if you have 300 dollars to bet one hand or spin, you shouldnt be gambling period

lol, if that was the case Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and many other places wouldn't even exist. They'd never survive on old ladies playing the slots on their social security checks :rolleyes:
liquidsoap said:
if you have 300 dollars to bet one hand or spin, you shouldnt be gambling period
You pulled this comment out of your rear end. The amount a person is willing to bet on a single hand is totally dependent on the person's bankroll and his risk tolerance. Personally, I have played at Omni many times where I was playing 3 hands, at $200 per hand, so I had $600 riding on every deal. Never tried to push it higher than that. For now, that's the top of my own risk/reward tolerance.
you must have a ginormous roll. Just ask casino support. If they say no, move on to the next casino
what reef said i didnt mean it that way,

i gamble i play 50% to try to win big and 50% for enjoyment, he doesnt need the first 50% because if you can afford 300 dollars a hand you dont need to win big ;)

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