OLD MG ?!?!


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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
recently i asked about decent RTG's, and as some bright spark pointed out i must of exhausted all of the MG's, well i hadn't because i hadn't explored the few casinos that still use old MG software. So after a bad start with RTG, i'm sure it's rigged (but you have all heard that before), I tried Home casino, i have never seen 200 dissappear so quickly in my life. so what i want to ask is, is there any people out there that use casinos that use old MG and do they think it is fair?
About as unfair as the new


I joined Challenge when they still ran "Thumper", but they launched Viper almost straight away. I was able to sample the same casino on both versions, and my experience was that I did better on the old "Thumper" Jacks or Better than in the new Viper. It should still be possible to run the Thumper versions for Viper casinos, although not all the games will be available. Some operators will still offer the old version as a suggestion for those with Viper problems.

Viper was a fantastic leap forward for the proponents of the dubious sport of bonus hunting. No more staying up all night playing $1 Blackjack, just configure, calculate WR/Bet, enter the figure, press Auto and go and do something else! A better use though is for tournaments, and even learning the game by seeing what the autoplay does.

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