OK Vinyl - time to fess up....


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Jun 20, 2001
Turn right, then right. then right again
... about the flaw you've found in the Microgaming Tournament software!!


You're gonna win the weekender AGAIN - you rotten sod :notworthy

So whats the secret? If you can win it 3 times in a row, there must be something you're doing better than the rest of us. I know you said you have a kicka*s PC - do you think it might allow more spins per minute?

Congrats by the way - I just cant get Lara to float my boat at the minute. Mind you, the thunderstruck tourneys are worse!

One thing that annoys me about the tourneys -if you hit the free spins a few seconds before your time is up (which happened to me yesterday), it doesnt let you have them unless you buy in again....or not at all if its your last buyin anyway. I reckon if you earned the free spins/bonus on a 'bought' spin, you should at least be able to play that round out.

I also think that a % of the rebuys should go back into the pool. The casino would still be making a killing and it would probably encourage more entries.

Whadda you think Oh Tourney Wizard :notworthy

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