? OK.. Does this make sense to anyone else?


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Apr 10, 2007
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I got this "e-mail invite" the other day... each time I read over it I am dumbfounded at the lengths these people are willing to go to snag us, But before I jump to any conclusions.. I figured I would ask you guys.. I have **starred out the name of the company as I did send an email regarding the access code. And, I am not spamming, so... I am in need of your input guys!
I am literally at a loss for words because IF they dont accept wagers of anykind, then how can they say they are "NOT RESPONSIBLE for any losses??!!! :lolup: Why "set up a REAL MONEY account" IF they "Don't accept any wagers of anykind" ??? :lolup: :what:
I must admit I am very curious! But when I go to the link it brings me to

download and register a "real account" and requests an access code which is NOT anywhere in the email I received even thought it says it is....
Anyone else know anything about this?!

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Jun 3, 2006
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Kinda hard to make a judgment call if you don't know what site it is.

I'm guessing it's Magsdirect-dot-com or one of their offshoots.

If I am correct, they don't accept wagers, but like ANYTHING that people compete at, the players can (and do) make wagers with other players. So they are just covering their ass with this statement "....no responsibility for
money losses arising from such activities. "

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