Nooooooooo!!!!! - It's like a bad dream!


I predict a riot.
Oct 17, 2004
Location, Location!
Ok, readers of a nervous disposition - do not read on. CERTAINLY do not look at the screenshot below... It's a horrible, horrible sight and one which I'm still trying to come to terms with.

All Slots is one of my favourite casino's, yet I just logged on and they appear to have done the unthinkable. I thought something was a little strange when it had disappeared from my favourites bit, but it seems to have gone from the main listing too.. :eek:

They've removed Ladies Nite.

Think of the children!!! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!?!?

(In shock and dismay)
I see you have Totem Treasure and Gopher Gold in your favorites. I don't ever remember you posting a screenshot from those games yet. One of my best wins was 5-dynamites on gopher gold for $5,000.00.
I was doing really well on Ladies Nite until the last week or so, now I can't seem to win anything on it.
Tried various casinos and they were all that way. :(

Maybe MG are trying to get us to hate the game before it gets removed. :confused:
Getting 3-scatters on anything lately has been quite scarce. Tomb Raider has always been garbage for me. When three scatters finally comes in, then you only get 10 spins instead of 15 like the other games (G_D knows why?), and I've never hit anything good on the bonus round. At least Tally Ho gives you 10 spins with quadruple payoff on the bonus.
tim5ny said:
They heard you were coming! After that hit you got at 32Red today, they got scared.

:lolup: I hit a 5000 win at All Slots on Ladies Nite too a few weeks back, so maybe I am to blame!!!

I've posted a few Gopher Gold and the like hits on the Winning Screenshots thread, but they're way back somewhere!

Totally agree on the three scatters drought - before last night that is! I got murdered on Ladies Nite/SB etc about a week ago, then "goosed" for a while, then went back last night and got crazy free spins... I can never work out if that's just the luck of the slots, or they do fluctuate the %ages round?

I know one thing - it's brilliant to have a resource like Casinomeister to get a general consensus about these things!

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