Nice Run at Omni this month


Dormant account
Not sure if anyone really cares, but thought I would post this anyway since I'm pretty excited about it.....I'm up 15k so far this month playing BJ at Omni. My usual buy in is 1k, and I play 3 hands at $25 each. If I get up a little, I'll push it to $50 per hand. If I get up alot, I'll push it to $100 per hand. I thought about pushing it to $150 per hand a couple of times, but I was just too nervous to try it (a few losing hands, and your bankroll drops by a couple of thousand dollars).

I've started out almost every session strong, so I've had alot of opportunity to push my bets. Biggest 1 session win was $4000 on a $1000 buy in. I also had 1 session where I started with $30 in comp points and cashed out at $500.

I'm off to my annual Atlantic City trip next week with my father in law, so we'll see if my luck continues in the brick and mortar casino!