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Aug 25, 2004
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Great to see they're entering into the spirit of things! :thumbsup:
The 2006 FIFA World Cup kicks off today and to celebrate, weve created a win-win offer for all our England supporters.
~ $10 World Cup Bonus Offer!

For EVERY match England WINS during the tournament, a FREE $10 World Cup Bonus will be credited to your Bonus Account.

Thats a FREE $60 if England goes all the way to the final!

AND, if England WINS the World Cup, your Bonus Account will be credited with a celebratory $25 World Cup Winners Bonus.

From: Saturday, 9th June, 2006 Until: Sunday, 9th July, 2006

How to Qualify: on the day of an England match, ensure you deposit and wager a minimum of $20 before the game kicks off.

Note: the World Cup Bonus will be credited on the next working day
The only 'catch' is you have to deposit $20 before each match - but I'm still looking forward to my $85 bonus money! ;)
Well that's $20 of bonuses so far...
but I'd rather go to the dentists for 2 hours of totally unnecessary root-canal work than watch another performance like that!!! :eek:


play like a team - not a bunch of Merchant Bankers!!!
Next one

Next Bonus is due on Tuesday.

The winning team have to play 30x the matches they played before they can withdraw the cup to their home country:)
The winning team are probably going to bring the cup back through Dover on the train:D

The Spanish team will probably travel through France to a wake in Madrid.
The winning team has to bring the cup through Dover as this is in the Terms and Conditions of the Spin Palace bonus. If they don't, then the full /$ 85 is not payable.
I know this is heresy but I have VIP tickets for the match in Munich on 24/06/06. England will play in this match, probably against Germany, if they finish in runners up spot.
So it is ( just for one match!)

Come on SWEDEN
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5 days to see the error of your ways, Mitch, and I'll give you your reputation points back :p

I've just thought of a compromise:

Change of Policy

I have to announce a change of policy.

Although I don't usually watch the Football, I will be watching the World Cup Final in order to cheer ENGLAND along to victory and 25 bonus in Spin Palace and 25 in Ruby Fortune.

The worst possible result!

It means I will have to watch Germany versus Sweden instead of England on Saturday and I don't even have the consolation of having beaten the Swedes for the first time in over 30 years.

Ah well, will have to watch the England match on the big screen in the Olympic Park in Munich on Sunday.

Still, getting pissed with 20,000 other fans whilst watching the match is not entirely a poor prospect. ;)

Oh, by the way Vesuvio, are you going to give me my Reputation Points back you cheeky git. :rolleyes:

mitch said:
Oh, by the way Vesuvio, are you going to give me my Reputation Points back you cheeky git. :rolleyes:
Tragically it seems I can't, though you didn't stop supporting Sweden, so I'm not sure why I should :p

Anyway, Germany-Sweden could be one heck of a match, and you can watch it without wondering just how and when Sven's going to sabotage our chances!
Get those deposits in!

England are playing on SUNDAY (not clear in the telly mags),

20 ($20) in participating Palace Group casinos for chance of bonus WHEN England win the match;)
vinylweatherman said:
England are playing on SUNDAY (not clear in the telly mags),

£20 ($20) in participating Palace Group casinos for chance of bonus WHEN England win the match;)
Don't forget to deposit & lose your $20 BEFORE England throw it away again! :mad:

(Reminder for GrandMaster)
Vesuvio said:


You gotta remember, just like most of us like to gamble, these guys like to fight! They love it, they really get off on it. It's their life. Lots of these streetfights are also pre-planned.

Every cup tourney, you always here how a group of so called 'fans' get into a streetfight with the local yobs or police and then they are put inside to cool off until the tournament finishes. A few will be made an example of, probably getting 2 or 3 months and then they will be back to the UK to plan their next battle with other likeminded yobs.

'It's a funny old game'.
ENGLAND 1 - 0 Ecuador

Well we scraped it.. :eek:

But I've gotta tell you guys what happened with my Spin Palace deposit for the bonus this-morning...

I have never been so annoyed at getting so many feature wins!
Deposited my $20, and started playing Tomb Raider @ 2c/line for low-risk turn-over..
Hit 3 Lara's on the first spin!! Paid 54x my bet.
Thought - It'll die now, so left bet @ 2c & hit autoplay…

Second spin - 3 Lara's again! :eek2: (x30)
OK, I'll up it to 4c/line, just in case....

Second spin again - 3 Lara's again! (x18)
Left it @4c - and it hit for a FOURTH time on spin 18 (Paid x16)

How frustrating is that? Four features in 23 spins - only gained $42. Jeeeze!

Log below (in case anyone doesn't believe me...!)

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