new RTG slots at King sololmons!!!


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Oct 31, 2005
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I ve just logged in at King solomons to try my luck at a cashback and couldnt belive what i found: there are some absolutely brand new slots, which look absolutely interesting , they have an autoplay function and - well, i dont know anything more. I m right now trying to make some winner screenshots on them....
btw: looked into my accounts at inetbet and casinoextreme , whre they are NOT yet -
Maybe this is part of what Greg (GrandAcesGeisha aff. manager) did promise for this year?

But: why no hint, absolutely no marketing?
Yes, the RTGs have been getting them one by one. Very nice slots. Soon they will give micro a run for it's money!

Sunset, a boss casino, also has a new platform and a bunch of very nice slots.

The "other" software places are slowly waking up here.
new slots

I've been playing them at Vegas Lucky. Not for real money, they just aren't doing anything in fun mode, so I haven't felt the urge to make any deposits. Had a couple wacky error messages, too, which is probably why casinos wait to add them--till the bugs are worked out.

There are six of them, and they are cute, but has taken me forever to get a bonus round to popup. I'm never happy till I see what they all do in the bonuses. I think my favorite is the Viking one.

I wish they'd add some new video poker games. I know, there's a sh*tload, but I'd like some more, like double jokers, 10's or better and triple play pickem.

Another thing I like they've updated is that auto spin which is akin to MG's where you can select how many spins and it will stop on a feature for you to play.

So you've all got something new to check out this weekend ;)

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