Netellers Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCTs)

A while back i used to be involved in an online store. We used to get 7% of all transactions using fraudulent cards and 95% of the fraudulent activity came from Singapore and Malaysia. We eventually blocked all orders from that area and the fraudulent activity died overnight.

I know its stated in the NCCT report that the Phillipines are "non-co-operative", but I wonder if this is essentially a similar thing? Its tarring everyone with the same brush which is a shame but from a business angle, i could sympathise.
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Non-co-operative means that the country has no laws requiring banks to identify owners of bank accounts or to report suspicious transactions, or that the laws are not enforced. It is nothing to do with fraud, although such an environment makes fraud easier, too.

I wonder how the UK passed. As there is no national identity card, it is possible to open a bank account using a letter from the Benefits Agency as proof of identity(!) and a utility bill as proof of address. A competent criminal should have no trouble forging or stealing these items. At the same time a driving license cannot be used on its own, despite the fact that it has both your name and address and it a legal requirement to keep the address current.
lanidar said:
A member of Insomniacs Lounge wanted to know WHY the people in the Philippines were NOT permitted to have Neteller accounts.
I emailed Neteller and received the following responce:
But I can still access my Neteller account.
Maryland is a different issue. It is something like that the state would require Neteller to have a banking license in order to operate there.

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