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Jun 30, 1998
Hi All,

I'm in the process of revamping the video section and planning for the next batch of videos that I'll be producing shortly.

I'd like to hear from you on what you'd like to see. More "how to" videos? If so, on what? (how to choose casinos, how to beat a game of chance :p, how to pour a beer? etc.)

Are there any areas you'd like to see covered more? What would make you subscribe to the videos?

Post your comments and suggestions here. Thanks!

For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, the Casinomeister youtube channel is here:
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IMPO you have the balance pretty much right, with a format that is entertaining and valuable for most everyone, with the occasional very useful flags on bad operators and general nastiness in the industry.

I like the informal presentation as well, and the amusing sound effects and graphics that you occasionally throw in.

I would perhaps confine newbie tutorials to focusing on one facet of how to keep out of trouble per webcast, but in general my feeling is that if it ain't broke (the webcast generally) don't do too much fixing.
I enjoy the webcasts. I like how they're not really badly disguised infomercials like some online gambling related webcasts.

You tease us occasionally with a glimpse of your back yard. How about picking up your video camera and taking a walk around your town on a nice day? Nothing that gives out any personal info, just a glimpse into what makes your home so special to you.

Also, take the video camera when you go to the conferences. I for one want to see Greedygirl drunk as a skunk.

For newbies...a webcast on the fact that the spirit of a bonus is sometimes at odds with the T&C's of a bonus.
I think a regular commentary, say once every 6 weeks summarizing the casinos that have been added to BOF and those who have lost their accreditation. If you become aware of any changes in terms of any accredited casinos on here, maybe a zoom in on the new T&C we need to be aware of. Of course accompanied by a suitable thrashy soundtrack...:D
As a relative newbie here I would like to see a little tid-bit somewhere in each webcast concerning historical milestones of the Casinomeister website.

Something like, "December 2002 saw the 1000th member join the site", or "The first accredited casino was Charlies Gaming Club on January 9, 1999." Maybe just a line or two of text near the end.

This site has an impressive history that could be shared little by little like that.
Personally I'm here reading every day so a lot of the stuff you talk about is old news. I only watch for the crazy movie clips you find. :)
Good Job,very helpful

I think you are doing a good job.They are very helpful.The only thing that would help that i noticed would be if you could have the names of the casino's or groups spelled out on the video when you say them.When watching i had to rewind three times to catch the names of the ones you recommended.Because of your accent i suppose or maybe how fast you talk.Not to mention the groups have some odd names anyways.Other than that,i think your doing a great job.Thank you, keep up the good work .


Hi all,

Sorry for a) sounding a bit stiff on my 1st post. Read it again & boy, who is this bloke. Any way,

and b) for not getting back to the forum until now, just finished 13hr shift, blah, blah, blah.

Again, anyway, I figured I should take a look at your videos Bryan.

Simply outstanding the 12th April edition. Liked the intro of the new members & figured seeing as you did that I would be coming up soon as it appears you dont like "lurkers" & if so, dont blame you. Just the word itself sh*ts me. What is that anyway, a "lurker". Where'd that come from? Anyway I digress. Apologies.

Who was that guy at the end. BRILLIANT. :laugh::laugh:

That hurt.

Seriously I don't see anything else you could do for the webcasts other than keep doing what you are doing, as long as its informative, as it genuinely is, especially for me, being as I'm pretty much still getting a grasp on everything associated with casinos, gaming & affiliate(ing) alike

The only other thing you could do would be to make your own TV show ;):cool:

Also, sorry ive had a couple of nightcaps before retiring (12.13am) & I probably should pm this but I feel I know you Bryan, like we have met before, not sure. Wern't ever in the Black Pearl Bar at the Windsor Hotel in sunny Perth WA at any stage of your past?

Any way, thank you again & I will continue to try & contribute wherever I can except to say I dont have much to offer at this stage. Just soaking it all up & learning at a rapid rate (which is what I do)

Bye all, for now.

Sorry, wasnt meant to be a bloody letter! :oops:

Hi Bryan, I love the webcasts. They are entertaining and informative. The only thing I would wish for is more webcasts. Sometimes there aren't any for a couple of months. Otherwise you are doing great:thumbsup:
How about a short video from a real member in a special segment?

IMO more info about avoiding pitfalls would be good.

Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Don't keep it to real members, I love Vortran.

When I first joined CM, I watched all the videos. There are more now.

I'm guilty now of sometimes not watching them, even though I always enjoy and find them informative. I log in, and don't have time, excuses excuses.

Maybe something to keep them sticky even when I hit new posts? For those times I am out of gambling funds and I've seen enough cute cats?

I wouldn't mind a bit of an index, where you could find which video had the info you remembered from a few months back.

I have found that I've gone back and re-read (or re-viewed) stuff for some kind of contest, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I like the idea of guest spots. I confess I'm a little curious sometimes to see if someone matches my mental picture. In case anyone is curious about me, my hips are large but alas not purple.
Downloading Site Statistics

A suggestion for your YouTube videos might be to offer up instructions on how to download site statistics from the various Casinos that may offer that service. When I mention statistics in this case, I'm referring to the actual hands dealt, percentages, probabilities and hand rankings. If someone could assist in the various URL addresses, I could supply the code in VBA for Excel (for those that wish to do this automatically).

Regards, LJsAce
Your biggest fan

I like the voice overs; Whoopty do whoopty di, stick a needle in your eye!

I especially like the 'bonus clips.'
I found the bonus clip in this one really entertaining:
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They could be made of water, I don't even know.
I even like the black and white clips. :thumbsup:

I don't know what other people's tastes are like, but the more off-beat and bizarre the better I think. :cool:

I think you have the formula about right for the Halloween videos.
In regards to the Christmas videos, I think you are very close.

You ask: I'd like to hear from you on what you'd like to see.
It's hard to say because I like your videos a lot. But, I have noticed some of your vids don't have voice overs or bonus clips, those ones bore me a little bit.
But you wouldn't want to over-use the voice overs and bonus clips.

I would like to see more tips for gambling. The last video you made about accepting your losses was helpful.

Maybe you can do some videos about video poker or bonus types.
A real life interview with Enzo would be great. That is, if he is not on holidays. ;)
I would like some more video's on strategies maybe or busting some mythes.
Also it would be cool do a video about the differences between all features on online slots.

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