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Mar 19, 2006
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hi, this is tigirl, and i need some answers about terms and conditions that i read about
; what are MG casinos?
what di you think about New York Casino?
is it true that you can only play at one site at a time from casinos that have different sites with different names?
for instance, i played and won 15,000 at monaco gold casino, can i now sign up and play at New York Casino? i am still waiting for my first check of 5000 from monaco gold thats on its way ans still have 10,000 in my account and dont want to jeopardize that by bnot understanding the rules about playing in other casinos when you have a withdrawal coming? please help i'd like to join the New York casino, (Im a native new yorker) and i like the cards they have thier (video Poker) can you tell me if they are good and if they are connected with monaco gold casino? thanks in advance tigirl
Monaco Gold

I believe this is one group that has a rule about not playing at more than one casino in the group (unless losing:D ).
It is the case that you cannot have more than one account at any casino, but restrictions over the whole group are mainly a consequence of bonuses. Wait till all money has arrived from Monaco Gold, then ask specifically if it is OK to play at New York (get it in writing). Better still, find a casino here on the accredited list.
The group behind Monaco Gold have earned themselves a reputation for not paying out winnings to players who have taken a bonus at more than one of their group casinos.
A fairer position is to restrict the amount of bonuses any one player can have, but retrospectively voiding winnings is not on, and any group that try this on should be avoided till there is evidence of a change of policy.
I think it goes without saying that you should definitely not open another account with a sister casino in this group. You have too much at stake to lose over a technicality.
tigirl said:
what are MG casinos?

MG is commonly used around here to refer to casinos using "Microgaming" software. The casinos you are playing run on Playtech software. Essentially MG casinos are different - different slots, cross-over on video pokers and table games, but a different experience.

Both are good in their own way, though Microgaming have a reputation for being more stringent (and expensive!) on which casinos are granted licences, so it's widely regarded in these parts that you are generally safer playing MG casinos. That said, some Playtechs are very good - just that Playtech may not back you up so well if you have a complaint.

If you select casinos from the Casinomeister Accredited List, you won't go to far wrong. Play casinos that are not on the list and you take your life in your own hands :D To be honest, about 90% of all problems arise through playing with casino bonuses. Avoid them, play accredited casinos and you'll the risk is probably negligable. At worst, you'll get support for a fair complaint ;)

Some people tend to look at bonuses as a way to make free money instead of their original intent which was to provide some money to try out the casino. That said, casinos can only blame themselves to a large degree for chasing this type of player by putting so much emphasis on the bonus to attract customers. Eggs and chickens spring to mind.

As mentioned above regarding your specific question, i agree with Tim and VMW. Get your winnings first!
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