My Pink Bunny Ebay Auction

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Dec 9, 2004
Okay guys, I am doing this promotion once again. I know the first time around the price was way too high. This time I changed the promotion around to just encompass the WSOP.

As fellow casino and poker promoters I would love to hear your thoughts on the concept and idea of this auction. Personally I think it is brilliant..........but of course I am biased :)

I really think if branded properly that this could be as big as Golden Palace's Streaker. I would love to get your feedback.

I don't want to post the link as I know that is frowned upon, but if you go to Ebay you'll find the auction if you search "pink bunny poker"
Well Golden Palace closed it for $15,100. I am shocked!

Get ready to see a Pink Bunny sitting at the WSOP this year :cool:
Yes he has used the famed granny bonus code at a poker room that is easily mistaken for Grannymae, a well respected long time poster at 2+2. Granny uses this code for Paradise and it gets a lot of exposure, for this person to use the granny code surely with the intent of misrepresentation is wrong.

This is a good marriage with Golden Palace, very appropriate.

I predict Granny will show up at the WSOP to say hi, I am sure the bunny will be easy to find.
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Okay, now i get it. At first I thought somebody slipped something into my cornflakes - the thread made no sense.

Cool idea, the bunny thing and all. Maybe during your breaks you can wear a Casinomeister logo :D

Uncool idea using someone else's banner and your aff code. As you can see from the reaction - this is a hokey pokey no-no. Being upfront and honest in this industry speaks volumes - deviations from the path of "doing the right thing" can seriously bite you in the ass (as you have found out).
Now this is funny stuff.....BTW did anyone look at golden palace ebay purchased items?

A walk on spot to a tv show, the model chick for advertising, etc.....

I had to come back and add this one......look at the Bulb in a bad place..the 5th from the top.....WHAT THE HELL WOULD THEY WANT WITH THIS STUFF?

Somebody has a fetish....or maybe proof that someone at Golden Palace isnt the only one to stick a lightbulb there.....I can see it now, "See guys Im not the only one that likes that"

Sorry if all this was brought up before, but ya learn something new everyday.
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