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Feb 22, 2001
Bad news from Microgaming, where the owners of Challenge and Music Hall casinos have apparently unilaterally closed down their servers, leaving players unpaid.

The positive side of this is that Microgaming have once again (a la Tropika and Goodfellows) stepped in to look after the players via a Price Waterhouse Coopers international Trust.

"Microgaming announces that Fortune Wheel Services Limited, owners of Challenge and Casino and Musichall Casino, have at their own discretion shut their casino servers down. Microgaming are aware that there are still outstanding amounts owed to players and in the interest of fairness have made arrangements for players with legitimate claims to forward their claims to PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

PwC will receive player claims with a view to verifying the correctness thereof, and advising of any amounts that should be paid. This process is entirely under the control of PwC, and Microgaming will not be involved in any way. The funds to be used for such payouts are being placed by Microgaming in trust and will not be under the control or ownership of Microgaming. PwC will advise the trustees of any amounts that should be paid.

All players who believe that they have a valid claim against Challenge Casino or Musichall Casino should approach PwC at the email address below. Players should note that a time limit has been placed on the lodgement of such claims, and all claims should be lodged by the 21st February 2003.

Claims must be addressed to: These claims should clearly state the claimant's full name and login-id as registered at the casino."
This is what I say when I say, Some casinos just wouldnt cut it!!! Casinos who dont want business, Casinos who cant pay, therefore the have to sale... Its sad, Its sad!!! :(

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