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May 29, 2004
Hi guys

I was doing my monthly update to the reverse withdrawal times on the "Big Casino List", and i thought it was worth mentioning that the Casino Action casinos have now added Instant NETeller payments!

There are restrictions and they get less stringent as you rise upo from "valued player" to "platinum VIP" but this is definately a step in the right direction following on the heels of Phoenician and Nostalgia. Especially considering the group have a 48 hr reverse time.

The restrictions are on each website but essentially it looks like you have to deposit $100 and can withdraw a max. of $500 a day, twice in a week at the bottom level as long as you pull out at least $100 each time. A gold or platinum VIP can pull out up to $2500 a day as per Nostalgia & Phoenician.

Although there's bound to be some folks who will point out the negative, you can see the sense in this and i see it as a definate step in the right direction, one that should be nurtured and encouraged. After all, casinos need to encourage loyalty and they are not just restricting this to VIPs.

Let's hope we see more casinos follow this path so kudos to Phoenician & Nostalgia for leading the way and Casino Action for joining them :thumbsup:


Negative? not that I can see.

Although there's bound to be some folks who will point out the negative

I can see nothing negative in having instant payments with restrictions over not having them at all!
I have just heard that this is live from Casino Profitshare, and noticed the icon in Aztec Riches banking last week.
The big positive is the ability to withdraw immediately, so no risk of reversing it and wagering it away due to lack of willpower!
They will have to make allowances for checking WR though, as an instant payment bypasses the normal audit checks other than the automated ones. I believe this is being worked on.
I would encourage all casinos to consider this option as a good perk for players, but equally encourage them not to rush things and end up with a half baked system with problems involving players funds.

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