Moneybookers runaround !!


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May 7, 2006
I am extremely frustrated at the moment. I have been using moneybookers for a couple years now. I have deposited tonnes of money to them using Poli from my bank account.

I make my first withdrawal on the 25th April. I was told i would have it in around 3 business days. 3 business days comes and goes and i get told there was a delay but my funds were successfully sent on the 29th and i should have them very soon. Still nothing on the 2nd and I then get told that there was a delay and to check first business day this week. Well obviously thats come and gone and still nothing. I am in need of these funds and I have no idea where to go from here. I asked where they were sent from and i was told a local bank in australia which should take no more than three days and three days is being really excessive.

Has anyone else experienced delays like this etc?


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Mar 9, 2006
I'm in Central Europe, but they send national wire payments from a local bank here as well, just like in Australia.
The processing time is not deterministic, but it never took more than 6 business day for me. Sometimes they make it in 1 business day, usual is 2-3, it depends on which day you request the withdrawal.

What I have found out here is that I almost always receive my withdrawals on Wednesday or on Friday. So at least here it is likely that they almost always pay on Tuesday or on Thursday. This year I have requested a withdrawal 8 times so far, 4 of those arrived on Friday, 4 of those on Wednesday, and I requested them on various days of the week. I'm not saying for sure that they only make transfers on Tuesday and Thursday, but it is very likely.

Once I experienced a delay of 6 business days, but never any more in the last few years. What I believe you can expect - with local modifications, you will find that out with experience:
You request withdrawal approximately on at latest Tuesday early morning -> you get the money on Wednesday.
You request withdrawal approximately on at latest Thursday early morning ->
you get the money on Friday.
So in the worst case scenario, when you request your withdrawal on Thursday afternoon or on Friday-> You will only receive it on next Wednesday. But that is the longest delay you can usually expect.
The exact days in Australia might differ, but I'm quite confident that you will find a similar system over there. I will check back my account history for previous years to confirm the above stuff.


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Sep 13, 2006
I have closed my moneybookers account long times ago because they did not allow me to put money in gaming sites. They wanted to control my own money . When I have transfered money to casino, they send me an email saying that Iam not allow to deposit in gaming sites. I send them right away an email asking them to close my account forvever.

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