Midaur Casino bonus help.


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Nov 20, 2011
Belfast (Northern Ireland)
I signed up here and for some reason didn't deposit but they keep trying to pull me in with bonus offers.
Im pretty skint and wouldn't mind a higher balance for a decent bit of play time.

Bonus is 300% based on deposit of £25

Think it's set up like Panda casino were you can only wager with real money.

I rarely take a bonus, is it worth it?
As for CS and withdrawals, best you can get but if you win big during bonus funds you may find yourself depositing time and time again until you reach the point of cashout.

Also make sure you have a high deposit limit, otherwise if you need to re-deposit you may have to wait seven days and your bonus may expire.
I've taken 2 bonuses with Midaur so far. The first time I played with my real money first before starting the bonus money and the second time I did it the other way round. I busted out on both but I am still unsure which one is best to start with first?
Biggest problem with the set up is that bonus is capped. So if play with bonus money and hit big it will say ‘maximum bonus achieved’ and put it down to 400 quid. Ends up being massive wagering to potentially cash out 400 from the deposit. Which isn’t great. But I suppose if you play with and win big with real cash then it’s a perk

You can choose to play with real or bonus whenever u want

I liked it at start but not so keen now.

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