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Jun 8, 2003
Hi everyone! Tim here, and new to this board. There,s something that,s been bugging me for the longest time, and I,d like to know if anyone else feels the same way. I,ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on casino gambling online, and 99% of it at MG casinos. I am really losing heart and confidence in them because it seems like the software pulls the same routine over and over. If I were just a player who dabbled in online gaming once in a while, then I don,t think I,d be making this observation. From my experiences...over and over, if I hit anything substantial on a MG casino, it is usually early in the gambling session, and is followed by VERY LONG durations of losing hands or losing spins. At best, a few break even hands or spins will show up once in a while. Why is it a session can start out so good...with multiple good hits...or maybe one giant score...and follow up with nothing but losers for hours following?? Your answer might be to hit and run.....but I,m more of a marathoner and like to play awhile. I just want to know if anyone else has noticed this...or am I just unlucky...or playing too long. Also...I,m not familiar with other gambling software, but am now looking to leave MG casinos and play something else. Anyone have suggestions for a slot player? Mostly slots with 9 lines or more...or video slots with bonus rounds. I must say, I will never find a game that I like as much as Treasure Nile...but you have to have the bank-roll of a millionaire to last on that game. Why can,t they make a ten cent and 25 cent version of Treasure Nile?? Smaller progressives..of course, but the extra players they,d bring in would be worth their while. Not all of us can afford $4.50 a spin...especially when the MG software is on a rampage for your money...it has no mercy until your beaten down and dead. Nice to be a part of this board. Also...great site and newsletter Casinomeister!! Tim
Hi Tim,

I'm a long time online gambler and have noticed the same type of thing at MG casinos. I also have found that at certain MG casinos, I simply cannot win at ANYTHING. Can't even break even! And that's going back over a year or more at some of them. And I agree, I don't understand why they can't make some of their 9 line slots and power pokers 5cent minimums.

My recommendation is that you try out Playtech's software. They have the best slots around in my opinion, and a very slick suite of games overall. There's a bunch of 9 line slots (Captain's Treasure is my favorite) and many of the casinos have a 1 cent/line minumum on their slots! I've made $25 - $50 playing this game at 1cent/line before.

Send me a private message from here (click on my name to the left of this posting) with your email address and I'll send you some links to the ones I have prompt pay and winning experiences with.
I,m more of a marathoner

That's the whole problem... LOL... the casino has the edge over you in the long run, so the longer you play, the more likely the casino will end up with your money.

As for slots, there are none better than Microgaming's, though there are some good slots at Playtech as well.
Agreed Microgaming is only good for slots IMHO. I will never play there again. I tried Desert Dollar deposit and promotion. I couldn't buy a pair in Carribean Poker. And was killed doubling down 3 times in a row with 11 on their BJ. No more Microgaming ever for me
LOL - don't say that. It happens - I swear to God that I have had much worse luck at real casinos though, to the point where even the dealers were shaking their heads as they pounded me hand after hand...
I have to disagree with you spearmaster. I think the playtech slots blow away the MG slots by far. MUCH more variety and slicker graphics, not to mention the good bonus games. And the wild symbols on the 9 line slots not only double your payout, but they also match & double the scatter symbols. And you can play almost all of them for as little as a penny.

With a few exceptions, the MG slots all seem to be based on the same 6 or so games. The 2 coin slots are all based on Jurassic Jackpot, the 9 lines are all based on 5 Reel Drive, the 5 line are all like lotsa loot, etc. The bonus games are the exceptions, but even those are very similar. And you can't play them for less than a quarter, and in some cases not less than .50 or a buck. Why? I understand why on the progressives (though I think they could scale them down if they wanted to) but not on the bonus games or other games. I used to get kind of excited when I saw them add a new slot, thinking it would be something NEW. Then I open it and find its another Jurassic Jackpot clone. :boring:
Depends on which slots you are talking about - some of the Playtech slots are butt-ugly!

Yes, MGS undoubtedly clones some slots but I made no reference to variety LOL. I still find the MGS slots more entertaining, though like you I also like Captain's Treasure :)

Don't know about the wilds matching the scatters though... LOL... and the only time I personally like penny machines is when we're talking 100-line video poker :) Otherwise, the denomination doesn't bother me that much though I would probably prefer nickel slots...

Mind you - in Vegas most of the different slots are based on the same games and paytables :)
I am eagerly awaiting TrueGambler's OCA bj statistics for Microgaming which should be released within 2 weeks from today.

I am very suspicious that Microgaming may be rigging its bj at a player's HIGHEST betting levels, while offering a fair game for the majority of a player's bets. I am suspicious that the software may be profiling every single player, to determine when he/she will lose.

Although I have NO PROOF of this, I have personally recorded over 61,000 hands of single deck bj, and others known to me have recorded another 72,000 hands. The results have been horrible, to say the least, when a player that usually bets 6 to 10 a hand all of a sudden ups his bet to 20, 40, or 100 a hand. The invincible dealer kicks in and forces huge losses at these levels which more than make up for previous gains.

What concerns me is that it is impossible to PROVE that a cheat mode exists, simply because my overall play results are consistant with a fair game. Its only the monetary results that a far out of whack.

MGS single deck bj passes every test from the Gamemaster's (Is This Game Rigged) article. My splits and doubles are right on target. Number of dealer and player bj's are right on target, and I have received bj's on very large bets, leading me to believe the program doesn't arbitrarily force a loss on all large bets, but only select large bets.

I recommend avoiding all Microgaming sites, except when playing with a very healthy bonus. Bet small, and flat bet and you have nothing to worry about, as they CANNOT get away with cheating you when you flat bet, since statistical tests can expose a crooked game.

I have played in land based casinos all my life, and have never gotten anything close to the horrible results I got online playing Microgaming.

As for Microgaming slots, my personal opinion is that they have the biggest and best selection around. I play the slots in practice mode all the time. The entertainment value of the MGS bonus slots beats that of Crypto, Playtech, Bossmedia, and most other software providers.

To sum up, I will quote tim5ny:
"...MG software is on a rampage for your money...it has no mercy until your beaten down and dead."
You're right spearmaster, some of the playtech slots are butt ugly, and their 1 line vp machines are so boring as well. But their 4 line vp blows power poker away for looks and play (and you gotta love the double-half option).

The wilds not only match scatters at playtech but they double the scatter bonus as well! This can mean big bucks on scatters. I've gotten 5 scatters with one or 2 wilds on captain's treasure playing nickel bets and won $90 on that spin alone. I don't necessarily play for pennies, but that can be fun if you only have a few bucks in your account. The point is, you CAN play for anywhere from a penny to $5 on playtech. No such option on MG. Same goes for VP, you can play down to a nickel at playtech, but stuck at no less than a quarter at MG.

I do wish playtech would give the single line VP a facelift, as well as adding more 4 line VP varieties. I don't expect alot of variety in slots at the land based casinos, but virtual ones are by far easier to create so I expect more creative variety there.

Dave_r, I am really looking forward to the MG BJ results too. I think they will be quite interesting. Though I think the dealer is invincible playing both flat and otherwise.
For Gramsey:

Check out any Playtech casino (Kiwi or the Casino Fortune group for example) and check out the 5 reel 5 line video slots (Golden Tour for example) or some of the 5 reel 9 line video slots (Captain's Treasure for example). They offer 1 cent games.
Welcome back, Dave... you disappeared for a while, was wondering whether you'd given up the ghost or something... LOL...

Curious about the "select" bigger bets theory - you'd think that something like this would be easy to expose if it were true - naturally I don't agree with it because I know one whale in particular who has beaten the living crap out of MGS blackjack at all size bets. And when I mean living crap, I'm talking a HUGE margin in his favor.

JPM - But their 4 line vp blows power poker away for looks and play (and you gotta love the double-half option).

I actually like the Microgaming one better - but I definitely agree with you on the double-half, even though it makes for some weird numbers sometimes.

Gramsey - all the Playtechs, along with Lasseter's if I recall correctly - have 1 cent slots.
Spearmaster - Its great to be back. :) How have you been? I hope all is going well for you. I actually never really disappeared at all, but I simply stepped off the radar screen for a while. Time has been extremely limited, and I wanted to get the maximum dollars for my "bonus hunting" time.

You say you know one "whale" who has beaten the living crap out of MGS blackjack! Is this the single, double or 5 deck deck version? Is this particular player also an affiliate with the Refer-Back program? Haha! Perhaps he or she is a friend of one of the principals of MGS?

The whole point to my above message is that programmers can make software that is "smart" enough to fool even experts.

The programmers don't risk "killing the golden goose" simply because they know the corruption cannot be exposed, as it is part of the subroutines of the software, and since the software is copyrighted, noone is even allowed to look at the source code. (Even if PWC looked at it once, there's no guarantee the programmers haven't changed the server after PWC left its premesis.)

As I said last year, I will wait for TrueGambler to release the blackjack statistics for its OCA.
I sincerely hope the statistics will be anylized at all betting levels, so as to show any disparity.

As far as multi-line video poker, my all time favorite game is Microgaming's Power Poker. I play in land based casinos ALL the time (especially in A.C.) and Power Poker is a fantastic imitation of IGT's multiline games. In A.C., I have played the 3 line, 5 line, and 50 line machines. To my knowledge, IGT does not have a 4 line machine.
Nevertheless, when I play Power Poker, I feel like I am playing an IGT machine.

Playtech's 4 line is good as well, but I still like MGS better. The advantage to Playtech is exactly what jpm said. Anytime you use the double up option it counts into the Wagering Requirements. There are many times I've played with only 25 cent per play at Playtech sites, but since I was able to repeatedly double down, I was able to meet the WR 5 times faster than with MGS, and cashin. Also Playtech offers the double-half option.

As for nickle and penny slots, Microgaming needs to meet its competition and start offering these.
I rarely play for real $$$ on an MGS slot machine simply because I know it will guzzle down my money. However, if Microgaming offered penny slots, I might play, simply for the pure entertainment value of the games. 90% of the time I would play 3 lines (3cents at a time) and 10% of the time, I would play max bet just to see what would happen. (Perhaps I'll get lucky just at the right time and hit the jackpot at full coin).
Yeah, that double half option does make for some weird bankrolls sometimes, I have to go back and check on whether it rounds up or down (who's getting that 1/2 cent?? SCANDAL!) ;)

Sometimes I'll even double half to even off my bankroll again if I hit it by mistake before or something. And having it count towards wagering requirements is sweet! :yes:

I like the card design and sound effects on the 4 line playtechs better than power poker. That little harp music when I get a winning line just makes my day!
Look people! We don't really need any statistics to make us feel we were right or wrong about MG. You know when you are being dealt a fair game or not.Especially when you are steadily losing in MG BJ. You don't have to second guess if they are fair. Or "am I doing something wron"? Most of us have played BJ long enough to know the rules and know when we are being cheated. Of Course we are being cheated by MG. I don't need no statistics to convince me on something that I feel is right or wrong. Think for a second! Some of these online casinos says they use PriceWater House for there assurance of a true random game. But every time you turn around PriceWater House is paying fines for accounting fraud. The bottom line is IMHO I have played online casino long enough to know when places like MG, or CasinoBar, etc. are screwing people. NO MORE MG for me. BossMedia old software used to give you the best BJ games. But now they are starting to tighten up!
Couldn't agree more murder1

My gut feeling tells me I'm not getting a fair game of bj at MG. But I still would like to see it proven and posted for all to see.
LOL Dave...

I believe it's single-deck. And the person in question is known to you too but I am obviously not going to identify him, and of course he's not an affiliate nor a friend of anyone at Microgaming.

As I said last year, I will wait for TrueGambler to release the blackjack statistics for its OCA. I sincerely hope the statistics will be anylized at all betting levels, so as to show any disparity.

You could ask TG to do that, would be kind of interesting to see the results.

That little harp music when I get a winning line just makes my day!

LOL. My sound is not on :)

There are no half cents, fortunately, I believe what happens is that you get to double half a cent less than what is actually "half". But even the odd cents in the account look funny to me.}

Murder - your prerogative. But even if TG or some other entity can show that the blackjack is fair, you'll believe it's rigged because you lose. That's human nature.
BTW - traditionally, penny slots have by far the worst payback... LOL... certainly in Vegas this is the case. But online I believe the payback is probably the same as the larger denominations! So there could be some good advantage in that somewhere...
These seem to pay out as well or better than the more expensive demoninations, unlike the land based counterparts. I've actually won real money playing the pennies. At one point last weekend I was up about $50 on captain's treasure (for a little while at least).

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