Microgaming practice mode.


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Busted again!

I have Golden Reef on both computers, so I logged on to the other one, and guess what, my practice balance has gone:eek:

I then played a little, and thought I would try something,
I dealt a hand of 3 card poker, but did not play, leaving the hand to stand unplayed. This means the server should keep it till played.
I went back onto the old PC, and logged into practice mode again, lo and behold, my practice balance was back, however, when I looked at the poker game it was gone:eek: :eek:

So, practice same as real & played on server - Bullsh1t:p

Discuss (discussion topic for this week while games are so tight).

Discuss - exactly WHERE is game state stored, can only be in one place:D
exactly where is it stored?
how much fun could this be?
can this cause practice play to differ from real play?
does server still play out game, or just pass random number for game to be played locally?
is practice played entirely locally as with Crypto casinos?


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Mar 12, 2007
All I know is you can mess around in the registry with certain values.. I know how to clear a username and password from clients, but to alter a casino state, that would be a bastard's dream now wouldn't it... Similar to your bastardly April Fool joke. :p

Seriously though. That seems like an interesting discovery. My question is can you alter a casino to play offline? Practice mode

I know it is unrelated, but since we are on the similar subject about messing around with certain values, I would love to find that out. Would make long car rides slightly interesting if it were possible.


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May 29, 2004
Better than RTG though. If you line up a bonus, then increase your balance or close down before you play it, you lose it. In practice mode at least...not tried in real mode...too scared :)

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