MG Riviera Riches - roulette bonus


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Mar 9, 2006
I recently played this game in Fun Mode, and I have some doubts whether the roulette bonus uses a true representation of the regular roulette game.

In this bonus game you can choose a number, spin a wheel, and (besides the red/black/odd/even etc. payouts) you get 36x stake if you hit the number. You can bet and spin the wheel twice in one bonus game.

I only have a limited sample, and only in fun mode, but the screenshot attached and the numbers I picked makes me wonder. Pay attention to the last 6 numbers (left-to-right at the top left of the screenshot, the last two numbers were the zeros).
The interesting parts are the following:
- zero came out twice for the last bonus game (my picks were different since you cannot pick zero)
- two bonus games before the outcome was exactly 20 and 23 (my picks for the respective rounds)
This is of course nothing decisive, but makes me wonder. Since zero pays 36x here, from the overall perspective, hitting the zero is comparable to hitting the exact number you bet from the slot payout perspective.
Therefore in my opinion, this succession of the events for the last 6 spins (three bonus games) assuming a true random roulette game is on one hand about as likely as hitting the number I bet or zero 4 times out of 6. Hitting the number or zero is 2/37, so hitting it 4 or more out of 6 games is about 1:8530. Happens sometimes.
But what also make me wonder is that 2 out of 3 games, I basically hit 2 "perfect" numbers out of 2 trials (the two zeros in succession, and the numbers in succession I bet when I bet 20 and 23).
Hitting twice in a row the number I bet is 1:1369
Hitting zero twice in a row is the same (1:1369).
To be on the safe side, let's combine these similar "perfect" outcomes, so we would need to add 2 more events with the same (1:1369) probability (first number hit, zero and zero, second number hit)
So the above screenshot brings up the question: how frequently you have a 4:1369 event at least 2 times out of 3 trials.
This question equals to hitting an 1365:1369 event at most once in 3 trials, which is about 1:39121.
Therefore I was either very lucky in these last 3 bonus games, or the game is not using a true representation of the roulette game in fun mode.

My personal opinion - even based on this small sample - is that this roulette bonus game is basically a picking game, where the final multiplier is pre-determined, and the roulette spins shown will be set according to the multiplier needs to be achieved, and not determined in a true roulette wheel.

If you have some time, I would appreciate if some forum members could play this game in fun mode, and focus on only two things: how many times two zeros are coming and how many times you hit both your numbers out of the total trials. This could decide whether I was simply lucky.
An alternative would be if an accredited casino rep could pull out the following figures from their system: what is the distribution of the different multipliers paid out in this bonus game? We would not need the bet values, only the distribution of multipliers. Then this could be cross-checked with the theoretical distribution of the same game using a true roulette wheel.


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Mar 13, 2008
32Red ran a contest with this game when it debuted, I played it a lot for a bit.

I feel you are right that it is not a true wheel.

Maybe someone can find the old thread for you? There are lots of screenshots and comments.


Jan 19, 2013
Northern Ireland
I sincerely doubt it's a 'real' wheel in any regard; it's a slot game, and I imagine like any slot, the outcome is pre-determined regardless of what you pick. I don't think it says anywhere it's supposed to act like a real wheel; it's just a mini-game with animations.

I would agree. It actually never crossed my mind to even think of it as a "proper" roulette wheel. In my opinion it is simply a slot bonus game with a pre-determined result.