Software Complaint MG FLASH GAMES - Why are some of them running ever so slow in particular 32red?


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Mar 29, 2014
Hi all. I've been meaning to post this issue that I have had in the few months with 32red flash casinos running on MAC OSX. Now before anyone says, "well that's your problem right there" Hear me out as I troubleshooted this to my best ability and as well as 32red customer service staff ability.
I provided as much information as I could and gave as many screen shots as I could and openned ports, changed dns servers, used different browsers, restarted my computer, bought a new wifi router and still have the same issue happening.
Long story short;

1. log into dashcasino, load any game, lets use Playboy and Immortal romance as examples as they are my favourite games.
2. Flash game will take sometimes up to an hour to load. NO IM NOT ON DIAL UP
3. I will run my account at casinoluck and videoslots whilst dashcasino is trying to load my game and behold! instant gameplay on both casinoluck and videoslots.
4. overall, i have found that dashcasino will eventually load after trying to restart the game two or three times, and will only run on chrome. Forget safari for dashcasino nedplay or 32red.

Has anyone ever experienced this before?

After a month or so, we'll say roughly end of June was the last communication from 32red customer service. Now I'm a patient man, but I dearly hate too hard baskets and no replies on issues that are open.

Yesterday I spoke to Ruth on chat, who tried to run me through the same "windows" troubleshoots when I firstly said that I was running a Mac. In the end, I simply gave up based on how I was reading Ruth's replies and asked her to close all my accounts. That being my 32red, dashcasino and nedplay account. Ruth happily obliged without question. Before I let Ruth go, I asked her what my total withdrawals were from my dashcasino account and she said that there is no records of any withdrawals. I'm no highroller but I consider myself an investor in casino websites. Some days, I will get good returns and some days I wont. Completely understandable. But when an issue like this happens, I kind of wonder who else to ask? Maybe I should have posted this before closing my accounts, but seeing as Ruth didnt even use the common line "We're sorry you have to go" It was simply - sure I will have that done for you...

I dont want to be superstitious or consider a conspiracy but this hasnt been the case with 32red casinos in the past. It only started happening after I had a $4000AUD withdrawal after a win on untamed wolf pack.

I would appreciate ideas about how to overcome this and why not download the software? I can if I decided to buy a cheap windows laptop but I choose not to invest that much effort into something that shouldnt really put me into a position to do so.

Thanks in advance for the generous comments and any ideas I may have missed on doing.


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It`s not a conspiracy. I have never won @ 32red and the games are still running poorly.
For example on Friday I couldn`t load Terminator or Immortal Romance, even cleared everything and reinstalled.

I don`t play there too often, so can`t be that bothered ;)

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