Meister, question about Capital Casino


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Dec 1, 2004
Morristown, NJ
I was reading through your newsletter and came across this part in their terms and conditions.

Do you see this as fair?

"Please note that players must wager at least five times their deposit amount before making any withdrawals. e.g. If the player depositd $50 he must wager at least $50 X 5 = $250 before making a withdrawal. This is in the interest of fair casino play considering that any wager at our Casino can return a sizeable winning. "

And that's without even claiming a bonus...that's on all deposits. Doesn't that seem a little unfair, imposing a wagering requirement on ALL deposits? (Especially considering their player points promos only ask you to play through your deposit once for their loyalty points.)
Its only on deposits as part of their generous welcome thing where in addition to their sign up bonus, you can also earn loyalty points super fast.

I'm sure you're more than welcome to withdraw whenever you like, you just won't earn those bonus points

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