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Jan 12, 2007
I just came back from a night of playing at the local B&M casino. I noticed the Megabucks was at its highest ever ( $7,890,000.00 ). We start at $1,000,000.00 on our machines. I decided to play and hit one 7 and two five times symbols on the third spin for $4500. One thing I like about the land casino megabucks is that you still have substantial smaller wins for $3 a spin. I play Majormillions sometimes but tire easily after a while. It is very rare that it gets up to $1,000,000 like it is now. I then moved on to VP and had a great night, hitting three 4 of a kinds for $3000 each plus some smaller ones and decided to play a few hundred more and leave with $9000. To my shock I hit another 4 aces on the same machine I hit a few the other night. Got $6000 and left with $15,000 minus a few tips. After taking a huge beating on VP with MG this was a refreshing change. Cheers


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Apr 2, 2007
Congrats to your wins, mate! :thumbsup:
Few years ago, at the very beginning of being online-gambler (and gambler at all) I had very bad session at one of MG casinos and almost lost my bankroll. I was absolutely in shock because of this thing and decided not to play anymore! It could be the end of my gambling career! But after few weeks of abstention from games I decided to go to land casino and play slots for a little :) And yes! It was great run and I left the casino with very nice profit (1500$ or so from approx. 50$ deposit). So I haven't quit gambling up till now :p
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