Mega Wins - Min 3000x Bet

Haven't been here ina while, but glad to be back :D
Also nice to see you post one @Jasminebed !!

I played a new Game on 3Dice today, just launched..
It's a bit like Mystery Museum for reference: the first screen barely shows a full screen of top paying guys for 3500x
Had 2 spins 2 go with a full screen of mystery symbols, and the next one was the second best guy for another 1000x :D
Making WR easy (was from a trny win, which is icing on the proverbial cake), and cashing out in a minute!

The top guy: 3Dicemaxguynewslot.jpg

The final Tally for over 4500x:

Thanks 3Dice!
Got 5 free spins on Chaos Crew from the Videoslots wheel. Won zero from the wheel fs but thought I'd try out this game for a bit at $2 bet. About 75-100 spins in, this happened. 👇

Here's the
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if you want to watch the magic happen. 😻

FINALLY!!!! Waiting for what feels like a long time for this! One of my biggest x's hits ever! Sick to my stomach it's only .20 as went down as was not hitting anything but will still take it!

Not the best screenie, but the pink sharks at 19x! for a good bulk of the tally!

Screenshot (44).png

FInal tally!

Only a .20 bet! 3023x!

Screenshot (46).png
Unusual hit on DoA at high stake of 3.6EUR (36SEK), approx. 3611x bet resulting in 130.000SEK or approx 13.000EUR. Have not played slots online since 2016, and new here as of today, but well familiar with DoA, that people normally play at lower stakes.

However, when the game produces frequent bonus rounds and 5 of a kinds, it can be played with a bit higher stakes at least transiently when in good mood to boost your balance a bit. Similar to Blood Suckers. I had not in my mind the possibility that it could hit big with this stake, and more so, given that my overall account balance at PAF was already 27K EUR positive (having open it some 2 weeks before). Had approximately 700 spins on DoA and DoA 2 in total at over the 2 weeks when it hit, 5 minutes to midnight local time, ending just one minute before midnight at 23.59. With some four spins left on the +5, it was close to a second wild line. In fact I may have got it on the last spin, I don’t remember, it all went so fast.


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Struggling to feel that sorry for you winning 1000 from a 10c bet :)

Remember if the game didn't have a win cap you was not likely going to see the kind of win that triggered the cap in the first place, so for that reason i have no real issue with win caps :)

So don't feel sad, you were never going to see 5k, cap or no cap :) Just enjoy your win :)
I had a very similar outcome on that game a few years back on a 0.40 stake too. My biggest ever win on slots too. Well done.

I got an 11-spin free spins trigger and wasn't feeling confident. Then it retriggered on the first spin and gave me 40 and started expanding all over the place.
Only tiny negative is that big win was mostly from 1 spin ($1100) when I had 27 left. Didn't get much else after that, but can't really complain :D

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