Mega Wins - Min 3000x Bet

3281x LIL DEVIL (£3)

I'm so happy to be able to post here, it's been a while!
Last 2 weeks i've been butchered on slots, but this was a comeback and a half. After many 10x heartstoppers, finally I get 2 angels on a normal feature.

I sound greedy saying this, but i'm extremely disappointed about that 5th reel, and many spins only connected to the 4th reel. Still, a glorious win

I have a problem with live streamers. Is this a casino sponsored win or a players win. I have watched this streamer and he seems legit but you never know. Just saying................
I went for the mystery choice and got the 15 spins starting at x10, while that other win from back in November was also from the mystery spins, that time a 5-scatter 19/10. I used to ignore the mystery option before, but now I always choose it and generally find the results much better (or less worse) even without these two wins in mind. You'll get a lot of the 5/1's, sometimes even 4-5 of them in a row, but the 15/10's,15/5's, or 10/10's aren't that rare. I also play with the ante bet enabled and over a fairly large sample size, I found this slot to consistantly scatter once in every 150 spins.

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