New Slot Announcement Max Megaways 2 by Big Time Gaming


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May 22, 2012
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Due out on 27 July, BTG said it's addressed 'everything that was wrong with Max Megaways'...

hey!! According to Shite & Blunder's info sheet, it has a max win potential (in testing) of 147,620x stake!!

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I wonder what the issues were that needed addressing.

Quite interesting that a follow-up has come so quickly. I guess we will see Max Megaways slip out quietly via the back door.

That potential is pretty impressive. But, not that appealing to me personally, considering in 5 years, I have not won more than 8,000x bet.

I am sure a streamer somewhere will see a max win on a 10 EUR bet though. Some players streamers get all the luck.
Also just got the email from BTG, they are doing a copy of Buffalo but in megaways!!! for a new release as well. :)

Wow max megaways 2 already!
You mean this? Played it a while ago, here's the video:

Didn't get on with the first one, will probably give it a try some time though, is it just me or is the BTG magic fading a bit on their newer releases? maybe because of the now standard feature buys and super scatters.

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