Lucky18 Casino-Non-Payment


Dormant account

I requested a withdrawal from LUCKY18Casino on June3, 2010, after which I received the one and only email-saying that my withdrawal was approved. I then sent in all documents that were requested! I have had 1 phone conversation-after trying for 3 weeks!! saying that my deposit should be in my account within 72 hours!!-LOL-Really! well still no deposit to my account! No phones are being answered and you cannot reach live chat(I did 2 times prior to my sending in all documents)

Is this Casino a scam??? I trusted them and now cannot even get in touch with anyone-Tried emails to everyone- cashier-admin./disputes/withdrawal dept., you name it! Can anyone tell me if they are having same prob?:lolup::mad:


Banned User - chargebacks - multiple banned forum
I am still baffled that people play on casinos that are not on the accredited list. Why take the chance?