Lucky 18 Casino shutdown?

How likely are you to play at a casino that has cs issues

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  • will probably not

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  • Why retuurn

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For at least a few weeks their customer service hours were erratic and extremely limited.Since yesterday, they have not answered their telephone or responded to their chat line.

I know they have been on the Rogue list for some time but it appears their reputation may have caught up to them and they have perhaps shutdown for good?

While spotty at best as to providing customer service, when I have gotten it it has been average to above average.

They also appear to make up policy as they go along with the sole decidng factor being whther they gain from a decision or not.

The policy decisions are always in their favor regardless of what is the issue of the day.

I enjoy the gaming software used. It is the best I have seen in my unofficial tour of gaming software.

If only the service matched the software it would be a place I could recommend.

There is a hint of the Carny in thir reac.
tions to problems which are brought up


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I don't think they are on the rogue list (correct me if I am wrong), but this screenshot should be telling of how they operate.....

It took them 4 months to approve my withdrawal....maybe another 4 to receive my funds?


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not a good place to deposit

I will be posting my experience with them over time as this is the only leverage the player has with unethical casinos


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I enjoy the gaming software used. It is the best I have seen in my unofficial tour of gaming software
You SERIOUSLY need to get out more... :p
(It was RTG, by the way).

BTW2; Was your poll supposed to be about CC (Credit Cards) or CS (Customer Service), the latter of which is the subject of your thread... ?



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continuing saga of deceit

The mgr decides on what the insurance reimbursemtn should be and the WR to attach. So the player makes a deposit and cliams the insurnace after the stake is played out.

When the scenario occurs again t his casino offers acompletely different reimbursement package.

When it occurs again, they offer still another package.

When the player calls them on this they fumble round and say it changes. Player says it is supposed to be consistent according to the notes in my file.

At this point Lucky 18 chat becomes unresponsive. They selectively decide who to respon to andd whn to respond.

Almost like a spouse givng the other spouse the silent treatment.

This csino went throug a personnel or management change, not sure which but the "Carny" practices.

Honesty, truth and integrity are vacant spaces at this casino and people who play there are as stupid as I was.

There are anumber of honest ones which this site names for us. I will be paying attention to this in future.

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