Lucky Red Casino, Not a Moan :)


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Mar 21, 2012
Hi guys & Girls, Well what can I say? Not been on that casino for yrs, 400% bonus so thought I give a try, After talking to live help I told them my email addy and ok to join, after abit of talk I said take my name as lost alot of info when my computer went im in smokes :)
Any way he told me I sighed up in 2009 I got the 400% sign up as only 30x wages,
Now I member way b4 I came on here that liked the fruits on that soft ware, But after today I not touch them again, I just a simple gamble man, deposit 20, 30 a few times a day, But as soon as I depo a mesage came thre for docs so I sent of a while after but not that it matters as lost cash and wont be playing that soft ware agian, But I did try a few of um on same software and they only take $, I not like that I just want to deposit and be done with it by card and in £, So had to deposit cash in to skrill than all the money convesion, Is it really worth it as took me a god few hrs to sort out docs, But least I have them all saved now which nether been asked for them b4 accept mr green and they sorted it out instant,
Sorry for spelling
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Mar 13, 2008
Lucky Red is part of Club World Group, if they have your documents for one casino, if you play another just tell them you are verified at Lucky Red.

Club World has Club Euro and Club UK I believe. Same RTG software.

Inetbet (also RTG and also accredited here) has just opened a Euro version too. Inetbet is a different group so you would need to verify again with them before withdrawing. Be aware that Inetbet does not have telephone or live chat support, only email.