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Loyalty account locked at CR

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by fyndet3, Jun 3, 2007.

    Jun 3, 2007
  1. fyndet3

    fyndet3 Dormant account

    school adm.
    :(I will try to make this as short as I can. I am writing to you for some help and advice in a matter I dont think is fair at all. let me here what you think about it.

    I have been playing with the Casino Rewards group casinos for years from time to time and I dont remember ever cashing out. I have deposited at almost every one of them, and taking advantage of their sign up bonuses as well as their loyalty program. Wich by the way was a whole lot better before. Never mind that.:p A couple of days ago I was looking for a new casino to play at and noticed that I have never played at Yukon Gold casino. So I signed up and made my first deposit for $50. You dont get any first deposit bonus but they do have a cashback if you loose it all in 24 hours. But I didnt use that. I played a long time and won on the new game Life on the beach. $2500. played another $500 but lost it all and descided to cashout. (since I have never won that much and usually I dont cashout but keep on playing. :p and end up with nothing) So I made a withrawel for $2000. This was on the 30th of may 2007. I knew I had some loyalty points from the past in my loyalty account and thought maybe It had reached a redeemable sum. I had over 1000points that was redeemable for $10. But when I tried to redeem it I got an error popup telling me this:You must register/login in order to see the link.
    Went to live help who told me to make a deposit to solve this as it is stated in the message (see screenshot above). I wanted to know why I was forced to deposit again, just after depositing $50, since I didnt think it was fair at all. I have done nothing wrong and I am a depositing player at many of casinorewards casinos, and not an abuser! but he told me that did not matter and that it was all automatically done so he couldnt help me further. I gave up. But next day I wanted to play again (of course:p) so I thought maybe I would deposit another 20 at Yukon Gold to play life on the beach again. so I did - no winnings this time. But then I remembered the loyalty points and tried to redeem the $10 in my loyalty account at CR. since I made a deposit it was automatically solved I thought. BUT I got the same message again! (se screenshot above) Now I was pretty upset and contacted live help again. This is our chat::eek:

    Please wait for an operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with Frederic.
    Frederic: Welcome to the CR Helpdesk Live Chat service. How can I help you?
    jana hedlund: hi
    jana hedlund: I have now made another deposit and played it all
    jana hedlund: but still I cannot reddemm my loyalty points of 10 bux
    jana hedlund: can you please fix
    jana hedlund: ________________
    Frederic: could you give me your account number please
    Frederic: Thank you.
    Frederic: For security purposes, can you confirm your date of birth & ZIP code please?
    jana hedlund: sure
    jana hedlund: _________________________
    Frederic: Please hold for a moment while I check the details in your account.
    jana hedlund: sure
    Frederic: The temporary suspension of Casino Rewards VIP points is based on a number of contributing factors - including your entire history within the Casino Rewards network - and as indicated in our previous correspondence we are unable to provide you with the specific criteria by which the suspension will be lifted.
    Frederic: We simply ask that you continue to demonstrate an intention to play, deposit & wager at the casino in accordance with the Casino’s promotional Terms & Conditions and your entitlement to redeem points will be replaced.
    Frederic: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    jana hedlund: ?
    jana hedlund: what are you doing
    jana hedlund: Ive just deposited and wagered again my full deposit to get the loyalty points for my 50 dollar deposit last time
    jana hedlund: and you are giving me what????
    jana hedlund: are you kiddin me?
    jana hedlund: it is not funny
    jana hedlund: last time I was here andrew or Roger said that If i deposited AGAIN I would get the 10 loyalty bux
    Frederic: I am serious
    Frederic: I don't have any control on this
    Frederic: All i can tell you is that this happened because of multiple criterias
    jana hedlund: can I speak with the manager or can he call me right away
    jana hedlund: at ..........
    jana hedlund: in Sweden
    jana hedlund: +46
    jana hedlund: YOU told me that If I made a deposit I would get the loyalty account reopened again
    jana hedlund: you LIED
    Frederic: There is not any supervisor now, because we are out of business hour
    Frederic: But you can contact us in about 6hours to speak to one
    jana hedlund: I thought you say on your website that you have support 24/7
    jana hedlund: why is not my loyalty points redeemable?
    jana hedlund: can you please tell me that
    jana hedlund: since Ive made yet another deposit
    jana hedlund: then it should automatically be ok
    Frederic: We have support 24/7, but there is not any manager at the moment
    jana hedlund: so the support cannot help me
    jana hedlund: then it is not support 24/7
    jana hedlund: since I did what you told me to last time I talked to support
    jana hedlund: it should be fixed , but it is not! so now you i. e the support for 24 hours will have to resolve this query for me
    jana hedlund: right?
    jana hedlund: R u typing something or not
    Frederic: Yes, but have you considered that speaking with a manager won't solve this issue (or not in the way you want)
    jana hedlund: eh, yeah that is why I said you will fix it
    jana hedlund: now
    jana hedlund: or at least tell me why it is not solved even though I made a deposit
    jana hedlund: another deposit like you told me to
    jana hedlund: If you dont have the authorities then tell me what to do
    Frederic: In the message, the number or amount of the deposit are not precised
    Frederic: You wanted to talk to a manager, and that i cannot do, because none is available at the moment
    jana hedlund: never mind the manager
    jana hedlund: since he is not there
    jana hedlund: are you support at Casino Rewards or not?
    Frederic: i am
    jana hedlund: then help me
    jana hedlund: you have not helped me at all with any of my questions or queries
    Frederic: But there are multiple parameters taken into account, and i can't tell you precisely how many purchase and for how much you have to make
    Frederic: all i can tell you is that you have to purchase more to finally be able to redeem the points on your casino rewards account
    jana hedlund: Is this only applying to me
    Frederic: No, it happens for players in the situation as you are in
    jana hedlund: and what situation is that?
    jana hedlund: what is my situation exactly
    jana hedlund: If it is ok with you I will copy our chat here and give it to the contact for casino rewards at casinomeister.com before I take it up as a topic in the forum. OK?
    Frederic: Of course you can
    jana hedlund: thank you
    Frederic: Even if i say no, nothing will prevent you from doing it
    jana hedlund: lol
    jana hedlund: why would you say no
    Frederic: No reason, it was just the asking that seemed weird for that reason
    jana hedlund: I was only polite
    Frederic: I know and appreciate
    jana hedlund: and I dont want to give our chat away without permission
    Frederic: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    jana hedlund: anyways fredric , I guess we will talk soon again
    jana hedlund: so bye for now
    Frederic: Thank you for chatting with us.
    Frederic: Goodbye

    I am speachless reading it again. I dont know what to make out of this

    and today I got this answer to my casinomail that I sent to support at yukon gold casino

    I am really uppset and offended.:(
    Its not about the $10 its about how they treat me. I think the reason my loyalty account is locked is because I made the cashout. (I havnt gotten the withdrawel to my neteller yet). But I think I deserve a better treatment since I have spent time and money on their casinos and been a loyal player for years. and they treat me like an "alien"/bonusabuser/scammer who is worth nothing to them. and also they LIED to me at live help when I contacted them the 1:st time ,telling me the loyalty account would function normally if I deposited. (unfortunately I dont have a screenshot of my first chat since I didnt thought it was necessary)

    I will be thankful for any help and comments - you guys (and girls)!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 4, 2007
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  2. Jun 3, 2007
  3. hunterduke

    hunterduke Full Member

    production control
    new hampshire
    i could not read any of your attachments because the text was so small so i have no idea what the email actually said.

    my guess is that you signed up at each of their casinos and played at most of them only once with the newplayer sign up bonus
    is this abuse? in my eyes no..but in their eyes..who knows my guess is they think youll stop playing after you have used all your sign up bonuses then move on to a different casino group

    but like i said this is just a guess since i couldnt read the email

    isnt it great you can still be an abuser after years without a single cash out?
  4. Jun 3, 2007
  5. fyndet3

    fyndet3 Dormant account

    school adm.


    yeah right....lol

    but the screenshots is clickable and you will have to click them to magnify them. uploaded to image shack, you know.:p
    hunterduke! did you read the chat I posted -(not a screenshot) what do you think about it.?
  6. Jun 3, 2007
  7. oldtrvlagt

    oldtrvlagt Dormant account

    Self Employed Travel Agent
    Don't feel alone...I've written about Casino Rewards several times here because the same thing happened to me. I have $120 in "loyalty/bonus" dollars and they won't give it to me:mad: They are a joke!
  8. Jun 3, 2007
  9. mikepipe

    mikepipe Dormant account

    still progressing
    Not a fair treatment!
    Dont chase those 10 bucks, change your casino!
    And by the way: I would ask a mod to remove your name! And your account number, which is given in the e-mail!
  10. Jun 3, 2007
  11. hunterduke

    hunterduke Full Member

    production control
    new hampshire
    yes i read the chat and figured out the attachments..i had only clicked once instead of twice but it was early in the morning so cut me some slack on that one

    im confused how you can play there for years and never show an intent to gamble or risk your own funds...just how many years and how many dollars are you required to loose for a lousey 10 dollars?
  12. Jun 3, 2007
  13. lojo

    lojo Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht

    Crazy-making. Not only is it unfair, draconian, labyrinthine, and wierd - it is a secret how you can 'purify' your status with them. "Trust us, just deposit deposit deposit and miraculously at some unkown point our Landru2000 will again grace you with status."

    CR was great at one time. I think here is another situation that we can thank the casinos for encouraging affiliates to encourage bonus junkies to crap where we sleep.

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  14. Jun 4, 2007
  15. thelawnet

    thelawnet Dormant account

    casino rewards are a very shoddy bunch in that they lock loyalty accounts very frequently without any warning. The problem is that the money contained therein has *already* been earned by the player. In other words they take your money but refuse to pay out on their side.

    They did this to me to but then a year or so later I think the account was unlocked for no particular reason.

  16. Jun 4, 2007
  17. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    Uninstall & try in 3 months.
    Same happened to me, they never replied to Kawanake, but I found three months later the points were usable, it was $70, and I lost them.
    It was also triggered by my FIRST cashout, even though said cashout was only a third of total deposits. It looks like this can hang over players for years, and they get screwed on their first ever cashout.

    Late last year they seemed to have made improvements, and even got the eCogra seal. If you have proof you were specifically told to deposit again to redeem the points you can complain to eCogra that you were lied to in order to solicit a deposit under false pretences. eCorgra could force them to unlock the rewards account, especially since it does not contain a bonus, but points earned by wagering.

    eCogra continue to tarnish their reputation by allowing former badly behaved casinos to have the seal, only for players to see the same old "dodgy" behaviour continue.
    The fact that 54% of disputes were resolved in the player's favour (recent press release) is no testament to eCogra, it shows that despite having the seal, the casinos still behave in an unnacceptabe manner, as most of those complaints should have been properly dealt with BEFORE eCogra got involved.
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  18. Jun 4, 2007
  19. fyndet3

    fyndet3 Dormant account

    school adm.
    Thank you all for your answers, I really appriciate it! keep em comin! lol
    I feel a little comfort hearing others been in a situation that Im in. even though its really sad and I do feel sorry for you to. They are not supposed to be lying and cheating players like this. I HATE UNFAIR /NOT RIGHT THINGS !

    MIKEPIPE - thank you for the heads up - Ive posted a pm to Simmo since I cannot edit the picture myself to take away my private info.

    Quote Vinylwheatherman..."..."It was also triggered by my FIRST cashout, even though said cashout was only a third of total deposits. It looks like this can hang over players for years, and they get screwed on their first ever cashout...."end quote...

    Did you not get your cashout?? Now Im really afraid that they wont payout my withdrawel. One thing about the bonus bux of $10 and another thing about the $2000 cashout, right! (for me anyways)

    and also about the Ecogra.. casino Rewards are not listed in their casino list to complain about. So I couldnt send any complaints in. But you say they have the seal?!! why isnt their name on the list? looked both for CR and yukon gold casino. Nothing!
  20. Jun 4, 2007
  21. GrandMaster

    GrandMaster Ueber Meister CAG

    Mathematician by day, online gambler by night.
    Yukon Gold is there, 2nd from the bottom.
  22. Jun 4, 2007
  23. soflat

    soflat Senior Member

    This has happened to quite a few players including myself.

    Your options are to a) keep depositing if you really want the $10 that badly right away and you are a true loser, or b) keep hassling them, or c) just give up and play elsewhere.

    I took option c) and unistalled their casino and played elsewhere. Later, I found my reward acct had been unlocked.

    You should definitely let eCogra know they are up to their old tricks and provide as much documentation as you can (give them an open and shut case where they don't need to dig for anything further).
  24. Jun 4, 2007
  25. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    Don't worry about the $2000, they only lock the reward account, and cashing out is OK. After I cashed out my 50, I played a little more and eventually took them for a further 800, but I never did redeposit, and it was TWO YEARS LATER that I ever started thinking about them again, and this was after they bought Aztec Riches & Phoenician, and made me a VIP!
    I now get the VIP treatment there, which means they have only messed up a further 120 of promotions and a couple of free spin offers. They then asked why I lost interest, and I told them, and I seem to be getting regular 100 for 100 offers and a few 100 for 200 deposited VIP specials. For a group that don't normally offer deposit bonuses this is pretty good.
    I also took the SUB at several more of their casinos, but still they didn't lock my reward account - they are better than Grand Prive, but that isn't much of a compliment;)
  26. Jun 5, 2007
  27. fyndet3

    fyndet3 Dormant account

    school adm.
    thank you GrandMaster (B?) lol:p
    I will open my eyes this time. lol
    but I think Ill wait to make the complaint until they credit my Neteller with the withdrawel. Just in case! :p
  28. Jun 5, 2007
  29. fyndet3

    fyndet3 Dormant account

    school adm.

    I dont understand how it can happen to so many players? and get away with it!!

    You say that the best I can do is to just let it go and play elsewhere.

    I say No, I wont ! since this isnt about the measly $10 in bonus money. Its about this big casino group not treating us depositing and honest players right, and the horrible way SUPPORT (live chat) handled my good will of trying to solve this matter /(my query).
    First they told me to "make a deposit and then well trust you again", and so I did - even though It didnt feel right since the bonus money was EARNED by my latest deposit of $50 (and playing away more than $500 of my winnings from that deposit) .:mad:
    BUT even worse is that after making the demanded deposit support have the nurve to tell me ..."we didnt say HOW MUCH you needed to deposit to unlock the loyalty account"

    If no one will stand up for themself and say "THIS IS NOT OK "! then its like you (we) accept it. and they will sure keep on doing it, and maybe others will follow their bad behaviour.

    I do hope you understand my point of view. (somewhat anyways);)

    thank you for taking time to read my opinion.
    Feel free to coment...
  30. Jun 8, 2007
  31. tristan727

    tristan727 Banned user - violation of <a href="http://www.ca

    credit manager
    Lemme get this straight...this is all about ten lousy, currently weak, $US dollars that you're taking the fight to a spamming, cheesy casino outfit, like Gandhi trying to free Indian from the Brits? Forget about it, for pete's sakes - go watch an ice hockey match, or chat up some swedish blonde ladies...you & I ain't gona ever have the ability to change the way these outfits behave, not whilst they're relatively unregulated and hiding offshore somewhere presumably.
  32. Jun 8, 2007

    NASHVEGAS Banned User - flamming, disrespecting admin,

    AGREE, why worry about losing the battle when you can win the war............School of Hard Knocks 101.:thumbsup:
  34. Jun 9, 2007
  35. footdr

    footdr Banned User: PITA violations of the Forum Rules


    I have posted many times that casino rewards is the only group I have ever had trouble with in the 3 years I have played.

    When I first started playing it did not take me long to realize the problems with accepting Deposit bonues(mainly at playtech casinos). So I often would send the casino request NOT to credit my account with the initial deposit bonues for new players. I DID THAT WITH EACH CASINO REWARDS CASINO I PLAYED.

    They replied that that "they have no way to block the bonus from being added to my Rewards account, but I should just not claim the points via the rewards account if I didn't want it added to casinos accout"

    Fine but I played these casino regular and wanted my loyalty points. Problem was they didn't seperate the points, all were added together both new player bonuses, deposit bonueses and loyalty points. Again asked them what to do as I felt I deserved my loyalty points but didn't want to claim the other bonues that had been added.
    Nothing they could do but "once these points are claimed, you will only recieve the loyalty points from then on".

    O.k. so I deposited the entire balance to a casino, and purposely lost it all to zero out the account. Hence in the future all points would be for loyalty only.

    THEN tried to log in to each casino to find my accounts locked for bonus abuse!!WHAT? my emails asked for no bonus to begin with and I purposely lost the bonuses to get them out of my loyalty account.

    Manger was an ass and said he would unlock my accounts but the wagering requirments for all the new player bonuses would have to be met before I could ever make a withdrawal. I told him the story and the fact that I puposely lost all the bonues to clear my account.

    He said that was bonus abuses.

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  36. Jun 9, 2007
  37. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Perhaps they didn't like the WAY you lost them, you didn't make a few big bets, say on blackjack, and deliberately hit till you busted every one!

    This is considered "abusive play" on a UK Fruit Machine*, but never heard of this one for an online casino.

    * Known as "forcing", drives the % stabiliser crazy and triggers the streak - works rather well on some earlier games. Arcades, & particularly pubs, have been known to ban players seen doing this, and occasionally the bouncers attempt to "confiscate winnings" too:D

    Perhaps they thought you were "forcing" the MG casino so that you would "abusively" get the "MG Streak" on your next deposit.:D
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  38. Jun 10, 2007
  39. footdr

    footdr Banned User: PITA violations of the Forum Rules


    I see what you are saying, but that thought never crossed my mind. As I recall, we are talking about a sum total of approx. $100.00 max. But I did not think it was fair to combine my loyalty points with new player deposit bonuses that I didn't want. And then force wagering requirments on me if I attempted to redeem my loyalty points.

    So figured I would transfer it and lose it so that from then on all the points would be just loyalty points, not deposit bonuses.

    I suppose I could have got lucky and won, but I didn't. Lost it all quickly so thought that was the end of it.

    Then I was called a bonus abuser. I didn't want the bonus but I wanted my loyalty points that I deserved.

    In the end, I told the manager to just close the accounts because I never, ever had these problems anywhere else.

    And I never have since then either.

    That was two years ago, some of the casinos I played regularly moved to casino rewards, sent them all an email that I would no longer be playing as I refused to deal with Casino Rewards.

    They tried to assure me our relationship wouldn't change but I wouldn't deal with that group again,

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