I agree completely Managra. I'm just really downhearted about what I percieve as an industry banking all it can while it can. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but so many voices saying the same thing makes me believe that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, you get the picture. Your point about freedom of choice being suppressed though does keep me active about this issue. Just to give some feedback on what I have done. I emailed my democratic senator to keep an eye on this if it got too far and he replied that it appears to be another attempt at limiting freedoms. The republican representative I emailed replies with something like this, "I understand that you oppose H.R. 4777 on the grounds that you believe online gambling should be legal. Should this issue get to the floor, I will keep it in mind"

Big difference in language don't you think?? Unfortunately the republicans have the numbers, so if they push it, they will win. Feels like a rainy day for all us gamers.
managra said:
you still want to fight this bill tooth and nail. Out of principle!

You could extend the argument to a more intersting one, google "David Irving". It brings up an interesting debate which have risen the last months. Needless to say, whatever you think about Holocaust, or if you would debate Stalin killed 2000 people or 20 million. There seems to be serios stabs at freedom of speech theese days, just as government wants to tell you what to do and when to do it.

We must rise up; :D
I have a question for anyone out there that has played the RTG Reel Series Slots. Has anyone ever won, or know of anyone who has won, the so called "random jackpot"?? How does it work, does the jackpot balance just move to your account after your winning spin???
I've been getting much better than expected returns from playing video poker. Playing Bonus Deuces Wild, last week I hit "four deuces" four times and "five aces" once. This week I've gotten "five aces" twice. I'd attribute whatever swings people are seeing to random chance; if they're rigging things against the players they're doing a darn poor job in my case.
GI Joe said:
Stop playing slots and start playing BJ and VP.

...and only with a bonus!

Thats it and thats that!

GI Joe


Even better play poker. :)

My wife and i went to B&M casino probably 40 times playin slots and came back ahead twice. Its a losing proposition the vast majority of the time. The key is only do it for fun and small stakes so you dont get hurt.

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