Loaded Scatter/Bonus Symbol

Yes, I always think they are flipping me off too, and I LOVE it!:D Loaded is imho the BEST slot online.:notworthy
LMAO ! I feel like any slot is giving me the bird when I am losing . Loaded is a great game . Love how you can choose how many free spins and why x too !:D
If only they allowed the re-trigger in the free spins...

It's my humble opinion that Loaded, like Moonshine, has totally 'rigged' free spins. You get very predictable free spins... I'm not complaining, as I'm sure you've got as good a chance of hitting a 'great' free spins session - but just that the actual spins are pre-determined, with the total coin win set as soon as you hit the feature.

Essentially, just like every other spin, the reels and whole free spins malarkey are eye candy - with the server knowing exactly what you're going to end up with.

Doesn't stop it being great fun! :D
Silkprint, you are soooo right. For me, Loaded has brought me the most $$$, and for that, the game can flip me off all it wants :D
As long as it doesn't mutter "bitch" under it's breath, I'm fine with it. :D
A bit off topic but something I noted the last time I went to a land based casino, just a couple of weeks ago.
While playing Cleopatra, I got the free spins and a number flashed on the credits, just for a couple of seconds. I took note of it and it turned out to be the actual amount I won on the spins :eek2: . So if internet casinos are similar, I'd agreee that the amount won on the bonus spins is predetermined.

On topic, I found Loaded paid out better when I increased my bet, not quite the norm for slots these days it seems.
Dewberry said:
a number flashed on the credits ... and it turned out to be the actual amount I won on the spins

I think all free spin games are probably predetermined. For example, Moonshine, I think it is just an illusion that you are "choosing" boxes from that grid. Most likely, each box you uncover is just the next one in the sequence that the server has already chosen for you. And once you "find" the Start Free Spins box it fills in all the other boxes with random items so that you think to yourself, "Ohh.... I was SO CLOSE to another +1x multiplier, I knew I shouldn't have clicked that one!" but it doesn't make a difference your number of spins and your multiplier were already predetermined.

Also, have you ever played Cabin Fever or Elementals? Do you notice how loose those slots are (with small wins at least) UNTIL you get the free spins? For that matter, Avalon and Kathmandu boast an extra wild symbol during free spins. Well that's fine and dandy you think to yourself, because those symbols appear all the time during normal play. But where the heck are they during the free spins?! Oh, wait, there's one on the 5th reel, blocked by a scatter symbol so that you can't use it.

That's not to say that these games aren't still FUN!! And the potential to win BIG is still there.

To go even further off-topic (I'm allowed to do that since I started this thread, right?) Have you heard about the new slots game that Microgaming is coming out with, Cashanova? With 30 paylines, a free spins feature AND multiple bonus features? I can't wait until that comes out! Here's a snippet in case you missed it:

Cashanova - If you had to compile a list of all the player favorites for a really big, opportunities-rich and exciting game, you would probably end up describing Microgaming's latest new flagship video slot, Cashanova. This is the mother of all slots with 5 reels and 30 pay lines, together with free spins, mystery multipliers and multi-tiered bonus games.

Clear play guides, simple navigation and sharp, brightly coloured graphics accompany a great sense of humour with this cutting edge video slot game. Check out the unruffled, strutting hero, Roger Rooster's antics, as he pursues the voluptuous Henrietta Hen to her luxurious nest with a range of unique gifts from chocolate corncobs to eggcentric jewelry. Players should keep a lookout for Roger's favourite reading material, as Henhouse Magazine is the Scatter symbol that can lead to wins multiplied by the total bet placed by individuals.

Despite the features probably being predetermined as well... I can't wait for it to be released, it sounds like lots of fun!
I was reading about Cashanova too... Thirty paylines! Jeez... I fear it'll be lots and lots of annoying tiny wins, with not so many BIG hits - same way all the slots seem to be going these days...

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