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Apr 24, 2004
A Vault!
Somebody please BAN this damn idiot...this is the second day in a row that they have spammed this forum...:mad:


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Feb 27, 2008
Chikababes WTF . You just have to go online put the Philippines and do this crap. Be cool or get the hell out of here. You being paid by one of those online casinos here in the Philippines? Or are you one of those local seo guys doing anything just to get attention.

to all meisters I apologize for this guy.

Rob here's something to cool you off:

Three sportsmen - a Chinese, a Japanese, and a Filipino - meet at the bar for
cocktails the night before the skills contest. As they were chatting, a mosquito
flew overhead making a buzzing sound. Irritated, the Chinese drew his sword,
swung at the mosquito, and the mosquito fell crawling on the floor. "I cut off his
wings so he can't fly and bother us again." the Chinese said.

As they continued with their cocktails another mosquito came flying overhead. Not
to be outdone the Japanese drew his samurai, swung it at the mosquito, and the
mosquito fell dead on the floor. "I cut off his head so he won't bother us again,"
the Japanese said.

As luck would have it, a third mosquito came buzzing around. Now the Filipino drew
his machete, swung it at the mosquito, and the mosquito quickly flew away. Sounding
unimpressed the Chinese and Japanese said in unison, "You let that mosquito go?"
To which the Filipino replied, "Oh, I just cut his off so he won't breed any more
new mosquitoes."