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Dec 7, 2019
A friend of mine played at this casino, SportsAndCasino. I would never play here for big money. They aren’t licensed, and they’re based in Colombia. But they have a good 500% crypto deposit bonus, and he was paid out for himself and another friend of his. They did end up paying him out.

I’ve been very apprehensive obviously, but I wouldn’t mind throwing down $500 just to try it out. Is there any info on this casino?

[maxd says: player beware! Every time this person posts in this thread they repeat "... big bonus ... a friend got paid ...". That looks VERY much like shilling and given that this is an unlicensed casino based in a highly dubious jurisdiction there are many reasons to be very sceptical here.]
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Wouldn't recommend any unlicensed casino or sports period.
Certainly. And I wouldn’t recommend anyone either or tell them to play here, especially for larger sums of money.

But their 500% crypto deposit is a really good deal. And given that my friend was able to cash out $5,000, I’m just curious if anyone else played here ever?
Never heard of them either, but my friend did win $5,000 off the bonus, and much to my surprise he got paid.

Jc if anyone else heard of them. I originally thought it was a scam.
Maybe your pal got lucky - or maybe it's part of pay them once, pay them twice but when a bigger amount comes in, don't

As Zombie says - If a Rival and Betsoft casino would be enough for me to go no

Caveat Emptor :p

Weird footer on the website: you may have heard from your local tavern. Who's their market, Vikings?:laugh:
Never heard of them either, but my friend did win ...
That's the third time you've told us that in this thread. You wouldn't be trying to tell sell us something would you?
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I have no dog in this fight. Im not pushing anything. Im just wondering if anyone heard of it, or played there before. It’s one thing for my buddy to have a positive experience, but I’d like to hear from others if there are any out there.

I am not advocating that people sign up or play there.

I think it’s quite an odd thing too to find a website in Colombia, unlicensed, and offers their services to Americans. Again, I am being very clear here with what this website is, I am not a shill, I’d hope my past play and problems with legitimate casinos proves that at the amounts I played for.

I’m just wanting to know if anyone else heard of them or played there. If not, that’s no problem either,
I think it’s quite an odd thing too to find a website in Colombia, unlicensed, and offers their services to Americans. ...
Granted the Columbia part of that is unusual but unlicensed casinos from the Caribbean and South America offering services to Americans is not at all out of the ordinary. In fact that's how 80% or so of American online gamblers find their places to play. From the complaints end of things I'd say 90%-plus of complaints from Americans are from exactly those types of casinos, assuming that one doesn't credit a Curacao license which is a fairly reasonable call given their abysmal record over the past two decades.

As to the shill business, fair enough: you say you're not and so be it. Keep in mind though that for those of us who've been on the scene a while your posts here very much looked like shilling even if you didn't intend it. "100% shill" is what one of my colleagues said. Just saying, FYI.

- Max
Lol, not shilling. If the mods want they can delete this thread. I was genuinely curious if anyone ever heard of it, that’s all.
PS, the reason i haven’t been as active on the forums is I was stuck in the US during covid, and no where to play online.
I have heard of them, via the wonderful source that is spamming affiliates.

And that was all I needed to know to make the only sensible decision.

Steer. Well. Clear.
Yes, I have decided not to use them. The documents they want for a non-licensed place I don’t feel comfortable giving. They want a bank statement, utility bill, and a picture of me holding my license.

This is too much private details to provide to an unknown, unlicensed website. The bonus isn’t worth getting my entire bank account/crypto account cleaned out over.
I thought Colombia is only famous for Pablo Escobar)), but generally playing in a casino without a license - you're a risky guy. I advise you to play in a proven casino, for example on the crypto you can play at Biamo casino, a good new project with a license

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