Littlewoods poor service


Dormant account
I`m through with these guys.
Been a customer for near on 3 yrs and always played within the rules.
Last month I make my customary monthly deposit to have a flutter with the bonus but no bonus appears :(
So I contact them, no reply for a couple of days in the meantime I play some games and cashin.
I then get several replies all a bit sketchy like you`ve had the bonus this month err no I have`nt :what:
Eventually they reply see below
Hello and thank you for contacting the Littlewoods Casino Support team.

Firstly I would like to apologise for the mis-information it appears that you were given regarding your monthly match bonus.Having investigated your account you were correct in saying you did not recieve the bonus.

With regards to the 25 GBP , a promotion request was made for you on 8 June. Unfortunately they were unable to honor this claim as you had already withdrawn the initial deposit. However please be assured that although you will be unable to claim this month, should you wish to, you will be able to make a deposit in July and have it matched.

We hope this attends to your enquiry. If we can be of any more assistance please feel free to contact us anytime. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (including holidays). You can contact one of our friendly and courteous Littlewoods Casino support staff (toll-free) at:
Ok with this information I gave them the benefit of the doubt and so waited for july`s monthly.....
Make my bonus yet again and to rub salt in me wounds they sent me the usual newsletter outlining my invite to the monthly.
Well that`s it for me now these guys are clowns.

If you want a good crypto then intercasino is where the actions at.

Littlewoods = recycle bin


Dormant account
Yeah, I deposited in June and didn't get the monthly either.

Shot an email off to them, but didn't get any response back. Not really willing to deposit another 25 just to see them not give it to me for July either ...


Dormant account
I wished i`d taken the hint last month that my business was not wanted anymore.

But they keep sending me emails stating claim your 25 match bonus :rolleyes:

They have not stiffed me but lying is pretty close to roguedom.