Casino Complaint LionSlots are big Spammers!


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Feb 21, 2008
Please don't register at this Spamcasino, because i've made this error and now i get every day the same newsletter, in which is written, that i have some free money in my accoutn and i should play, but there is certainly nothing in my account and although i've clicked their unsubscribe-link there was nothing happened, because there come sonly a message, that my emailaddress is not listed and when i write them an email (i did this now 3 times!) i got never any response and that's now about 10 days, so i recommend all people here, to set this casino on your blacklist!
Too bad, that they give the whole Rival Group a very bad image!
I sent a note to Rakesh and I got a reply.
He will be here as soon as he gets activated
Thank You Rakesh.
Welcome to the forum & many will be happy to hear from you.

rakesh1 said:
Hey B-T,

Just a quick message to let you know that I am waiting for my CM account to be activated by the moderators before I can post.
Hi Everyone,

Obviously when a someone opts out from receiving promotions from the casino, all future promotions should not be emailed out to the player. Somewhere along the line the system has failed, which is unsual in itself, as the system has been tried and tested.

I do have the techs looking into the system for players who have opted out from receiving promotional emails, and so far the ones who have opted out, haven't received promotional emails.

I have sent through a private message via the forum to Audioz to gather more information so I can see where the system has failed.

I do apologise for this. We do not purposely go out to try and give Lion Slots or the Rival Group a bad name.


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