Liberty Slots Casino Dirty Tactics


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Apr 25, 2024
Liberty slots is one of the worst casinos I have ever seen. They are willing to lie to our face without worry because they know we cant do anything to hold them accountable. If they can so easily lie to us then what makes you think they wont use other dirty tactics to take advantage of your game play. What would stop them from manipulating games to gain more profit than they should?

Liberty Slots Casino has table games, keno, blackjack, video poker and slot machines. Nearly 95% of the casino are slots. Liberty claims on site that all the games offered are certified fair every month by CFG (Certified Fair Gaming) and they provide a copy of the certificate for players to view. However upon inspection we can see that slots are not included on the certificate. That means 95% of the casino is not audited for fairness.

Dylan (casino rep) even admits slots are never audited on the site and even lies to us by saying no casino audits their slot machines. We know this is not true because CFG states on their site that they do indeed audit slots.

Dylan will not provide the name of the gaming license to us. We are unable to verify if they even have a license. This fact along with the fact that they are lying about the games on site being certified fair leaves us without a doubt some dirty tactics are present.

This casino should be blacklisted But LCB promotes this casino? Im providing proof to back up everything I said here is true from screen shots below and I want to know why this casino isnt blacklisted.


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"Please note that the casino is licensed. If it was not, it could not operate. These details we will not share online. ..."

Any casino that says that is completely full of BS. Countless unlicensed casinos operate every day without difficulty. And any casino that claims to be licensed but refuses to share that information is either lying or has a license that is so worthless that they're ashamed to admit they have it.

I can't recall ATM what the details are with Liberty Slots -- I'll check and report back shortly -- but those are two big red flags already so I'm not expecting great things here.

Max Drayman
Head of Dispute Arbitration & Player Complaints (PABs)
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I appreciate it Max, another forum I posted this at, they just blew me off and couldn't gaf. But not surprising since its the same forum that promotes this casino.
Yeah, it's as I suspected, almost certainly they are unlicensed. There are various claims that they are licensed in Curaçao but that's BS too because legitimate Curaçao casinos are required to disclose their licensing AND provide a license verification link.

The whole point of a casino being licensed is that they are showing they want to operate legally and are willing to be subject to the regulations of the licensing body. To be licensed but refuse to disclose the license completely negates all that and makes no sense.

FWIW this "licensed but not licensed" nonsense with LibertySlots goes back more than a decade. See here for instance: Liberty Slots issues - Casinomeister Forum .

The bottom line is that from a player's perspective a casino that is supposedly licensed but refuses to disclose that license is no better than a casino that is completely unlicensed and operating from some redneck's chicken coop out in the boonies somewhere: if you can't appeal to the regulating authority then there effectively is no regulating authority and that means players are SOL if there's a problem.

If you search the forums that's exactly what you'll see: not a lot of problems with LibertySlots, but if you do have a problem you can pretty much just cross your fingers and hope for the best because there's no one to turn to if you and the casino have a disagreement.

FYI: our review of Liberty Slots

- Max
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I agree 100% with what youre saying. The Rep also said that no slots are audited at his or any casino yet they want to boast the fact that ALL games offered are certified fair. Which clearly isnt true. What are your thoughts about this?
:D I'd have to see their specific statement to be able to comment on it, but given all the other rubbish they say personally I'd be sceptical if they said the sun was shining. Clearly the truth is a malleable thing for these guys.

- Max
"No slots from any casino online or land based is individually audited" - given the number of scandals that have been exposed because Nevada (and others) individually audit slots... complete bull.

A list of no-name providers or unnamed providers is also a red flag - because it's possible there's no audit at all.

The terms and conditions don't even mention a jurisdiction - 11 times it refers to the players jurisdiction but I can't find any reference to its own. There are hints - e.g. the excluded countries - that they are still in Curacao, but if they're not showing a license assume they don't have one.

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