Laughable Delayed Payment by (no surprise really) Prism.


Jun 13, 2021
I just have to post this somewhere, it is too sad yet funny to not share it so people know to NEVER EVER count on getting paid by Prism Casino (or at least not until you die of old age). Rather than rewrite my last letter recapping things here, I am just copy/pasting my response to their withdrawal delay tactics....

Hi Karen,

Included are pictures of my driver's license (front and back), the picture of today's newspaper and ID being held by me (along with a closeup), and a bank statement with account numbers erased and my address on it and further proof of ID. I noticed my withdrawal was cancelled, does this mean I have to make another withdrawal now that you have these documents? Are there any other hoops to jump through or delaying tactics I should be ready for?

All correspondence along with these hassles will have to be included on your Prism Casino online reviews. and Casino forums...

As was previously discussed with your "customer service" every event and roadblock and step you guys take to not give out a withdrawal is being documented, and will be posted online everywhere I can post it to warn other potential customers to stay as far away from Prism (and their sister-sites) as possible. I already knew most Casino review sites have them down as blacklisted, but most of those reviews were not too recent. I discussed this with Ralph from your customer service even BEFORE making a withdrawal. He ASSURED me everything was on the up and up and to make the withdrawal. The reasons for being blacklisted amounts to "failure to pay or extremely long drawn-out withdrawal process" in the hopes people either give up or cancel the withdrawal and re-bet their money. Boy was that SPOT on! I honestly don't think you care anymore, but unfortunately, from what I have seen so far, the blacklistings are proving to be quite accurate in their reviews...

What I have experienced so far...

1. Getting my winnings up over $100 and then speaking to (Ralph) at customer service to get assurances the withdrawal process will be much better than reported online. This has proven to be quite untrue.

2. I withdrew $100, as instructed.

3. In playing with my balance on the casino games, I experienced a crash during the Wild Hog Luau slot as the screen froze after an approximate $10 win on it's feature, after refreshing the screen my balance was as it was previous to the feature as if my wins in the feature never happened.

4. I contacted customer service in chat to try and get my issue solved. First rep said they were trying to help, thanked me for my patience, and then disconnected from me, wasting more than 15 minutes of my time.

5. I tried a second person in customer service and got the exact same run-around until finally being told I had to make a deposit before customer service could help me. This second agent then abruptly and rudely just disconnected from chat and ended up wasting another +15 minutes. It was only 10 dollars, but that doesn't matter. It still would justify an "F" failing letter grade for customer service.

6. Back to the withdrawal, after more than 3 days of waiting, I got a form letter from Prism support (Karen) saying they need my crypto address for payment. Well this part makes sense on a Bitcoin withdrawal...

7. Now after more than a week of waiting, I get this form letter from Prism requesting 2 things, 1 normal (Picture government issued ID, for instance a driver's license/passport), 1 insane thing I still can't believe they asked for (a photograph of me holding the ID and the day's local newspaper). What?!. I have never heard of anything more absurd for a Bitcoin withdrawal in my life. My first thought is I feel like someone that was kidnapped in a movie or TV show where the kidnappers have to show "proof of life" to get a ransom! Plus, who even gets newspapers anymore!?! In 2021?? Seriously!?!

8. I noticed my withdrawal request has been canceled, which means I had to go out of my way to find a newspaper ($2 for a total of 12 total pages!), I then made another Prism Casino withdrawal, which I am guessing will take more than another week or more.

9. So I got a newspaper, replied back with my information needed, the kidnapping photo, picture ID, and even threw in an online Bank Statement from my bank with most of the account number whited out..

10. Most documents are in order they replied back, but they said they could not accept a Bank Statement as proof of address.

11. So I send an online statement from my landline provider...

12. Take a guess... ALSO not accepted. So I need some other form of proof of address (keep in mind this is all so I can wihdraw/deposit by Bitcoin exclusively, not your run-of-the-mill wire transfer or Bank Withdrawal). Their (Karen's) letter says they accept Telephone (Landline Only) Bill (?), Cable/TV Bill, Internet Bill, Gas Bill, Water/Sewage Bill, Electricity Bill, Insurance (Home/Car), Lease or Rent Agreement (USA Only). Most of my utilities I pay for or help pay for are either online and paperless or in my Mom's name. My name is on the payer/online account for GA Power and Comcast/Xfinity, so I will attempt to get my name added to those statements so I can send as proof of address.

13. One funny thing is I and a group of friends online that like to Gamble have started a bet on this Prism withdrawal . Decimal Odds used here...
Odds 1.25*: No withdrawal will ever actually happen
Odds 2.20: Delay tactics will cause a total delay of over 6 weeks, but eventually I will get the withdrawal
Odds 6.50: Having used all delay tactics they already could, I will finally get my withdrawal after sending in either a Comcast or GA Power bill as POA.

*I now need to change the first choice needs odds as the hands-down favorite. 96% of all bets I have taken have been on the "no withdrawal for you" (think Soup Nazi) choice with 1.25 odds. They are now odds of 1.15/2.5/9.0.

Please keep in mind, every delay, request, experience, email/chat message, etc. I am documenting and will be posting on Casino Reviews sites/forums EVERYWHERE. Their online ratings on average from multiple websites at last tally on a scale of 1-100 was an average of 44 (putting them squarely on most site's blacklists).

So far I would grade my experience as much worse, especially if this goes from delay tactics to outright denial of payment/withdrawal for some made-up reason. This has all been over a $100 withdrawal. How do they think their clients would react to all this crap, by embracing them and placing a huge deposit on their site. Do they have these same hoops to jump through BEFORE being able to make a deposit... I don't think so! I can only imagine if someone were trying to withdraw an amount of a few hundred or $1000+. The sad thing is I mentioned to customer service prior to my attempted withdrawal more than a week ago that my experience was being recorded for online reviews. This obviously didn't matter. Surprise surprise.

Heck of a first post here on Casinomeister isn't it? lol.

Great read and plenty of wit with your story but the downside of all this is that we know Prism runs shit-shows of online establishments, so you're absolutely correct, it isn't surprising. Also, the amount is rather paltry for such a good quality written review.
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Even if you would make pictures of staff, and like post it online, you'd still dont get the 100$.

Shitty casino. Shitty people. Shitty mentality. Just a shit business overall.

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