Late Reg good or bad?


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Sep 30, 2013
Late reg / rebuys i personally only played with <0.5% of my roll per torny, it is quite simply a donk fest for hours if you sign up prior to entry, i made most of my winnings in freezeouts, with no late regs, which seem to be rare on stars these days.


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Apr 17, 2013
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Late reg / rebuys i personally only played with <0.5% of my roll per torny, it is quite simply a donk fest for hours if you sign up prior to entry

late registrations on tourneys with low entry is pure butchery first 2-3 hours, donks all over going in with nothing and winning on the river

I personally always use late registration. Just for this 30min-1hr lot of big stacks can be created but still blinds are not so huge and the lame donks and fish are already kicked

Considering the amount of people who bemoan the fact that online poker has got so much tougher and there is much less easy money around, it is surprising to see people grumbling about tournaments being full of "donks" and trying to find ways of avoiding them!


Oct 26, 2008
im thinking about professional stakers that give orders to go all in with certain hands to there mules its a strategy that they seam worth it thy may have 5 or more players staked in the same turny so what ever game plan they are using for the day
could be a pain in the ass if you shove with AA and get busted with villain 88 catching a set 888 so its a discussion 4 Shure

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Nov 22, 2013
Why would it be better to register late assuming u have got an edge upon the other players if u think about it logically. that's pretty much superstition... it obviously might still show a profit if u register late if u've got an edge...


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Apr 24, 2005
I periodically work with a capped BI roll on the day; especially if I'm building my bankroll.

There's a specific $2 rebuy / x3 Turbo (that runs about x5 a day) for Omaha Hi/Lo on Stars, where pretty much every hand you'll get +4 players shoving in preflop. I don't mind if I have to rebuy a few times, but with tournaments that are structured like that, you're generally going to have to pay quite a bit by the time registration closes. AA23 hands are awesome, but when there's the 3rd, 4th, and 5th guy jumping in, it's just waiting to be cracked.

The add-on is the key. In the case of said tournament(s), there are 30,000 in chips added-on for only $2.00; great value. Instead of navigating through a kamikaze-field of players, I'd rather just join the last few minutes, limit my BI's/losses, and hopefully double-up once the registration closes. At which point, you won't be getting +4 callers each hand, and there's more skill/fewer coin flips.

If we're talking about regular speed, NLHE or any game for that matter, I'd probably want to join when the tournament first starts.

I think the Sunday Millions has a 2-hour registration period after the tournament starts, which I don't love, but it IS the biggest tournament of the week, and there are no rebuys or add-ons. So, for majors, or series/events, I think it's fine.

What's ridiculous, is that there is a $109 / $4K GTD on Full Tilt, that routinely extends it's registration, +3 hours, because they're stuck on 38 players, and they're desperately trying to get it to +40 players, so no overlays.
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