Las Atlantis, why did they let me play past my limit?


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Jul 24, 2023
Okay so I got a 55 dollar bonus from Las Atlantis casino with a 5x payout limit. I played that 55 to a combined total off 3600 in winnings. The casino allowed me to play pass my limit and they won't pay me my full winning they just sent me 275 out of 2500. Shouldn't I get paid whatever my winnings were after I gained my limit of 275.
On most sites, the winnings cap is applied when you complete wagering. So whatever amount you have at that point, any amount up to the cap (in this case $275) will be paid and the rest will be lost to the void.

For me, capped bonuses are one of the nastiest types out there because inevitably people get their crazy run-good and then get the shock that most of their big payday is voided.

Part of the problem here is people pushing those bonus funds to ultra-high variance games, which means max bet rules aren't sufficient when a 20p bet can trigger a £20k+ win / liability, so casinos insist on introducing more and more rules - and inevitably some use that as an excuse to take the piss... even in the UK market I have seen 1x and 5x win caps on medium variance game selections 🤮
You accepted bonus funds, with a 5x payout cap, 5*55=275, the rest would be void; Or what do you mean? The capped winnings you could get from said winnings, were 275, which they paid.
Okay so at first it was wagering 50x the amount. After I clear that I accumulated to 300 and then went down to 128 after that I went all the way up to 3600. So pretty much I was betting with my 275 cap that I was given at first. If that was the case why they didn't stop me at 275 if they allow me to go under that why couldn't they allow to go over. Makes no sense
Also earlier this month I won 1300 and I cashed out and they only sent me 500 and put the other 800 back into the account so I can play that money. Can they do that
I think you're missing that the 'cap' is just that. It's a capped amount that you will receive if you accept using the bonus. If you take the bonus, then play on it for 2 months and go up and down in funds, you will only receive a top payout of the 275. It doesn't matter if you used that bonus and your balance went down to $3 and then back up to $3000. Some casinos instantly remove the extra winnings as soon as you hit your playthrough, if you're over that capped amount. So, you could be playing and have $3000, hit the playthrough terms and your balance would instantly drop to 275. At which point you just stop playing and cash it out. You're obviously not going to do any better than having the max cashout amount. Other casinos let you keep playing with the money as long as you want, even if it's over the amount you can withdraw. At least at that point, you can accrue comp points that can be then converted to cash. Once you do that, that cash is yours and there is no cap on it.

I know I've cashed out multiple times on my free $50 ($500 max cashout) and played on the extra money as long as I can. I was then able to convert my comp points into $10-$100 bucks which was all mine, no max cashout.
Also earlier this month I won 1300 and I cashed out and they only sent me 500 and put the other 800 back into the account so I can play that money. Can they do that
You would need to check the exact terms of the offer. Some casinos will apply the cap when wagering is completed, some will apply the cap when you withdraw. As long as it's in the terms, they can do what they want - as frustrating as it is for the player.

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