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Discussion in 'Ask the Meister' started by babysister, May 29, 2003.

  1. babysister

    babysister Experienced Member MM


    I came across a casino called Lady Dream Casino.
    I played for free to get the feel of the games. These games are just my favorite games at land base casinos. It is very realistic. What I would like to know has this casino been on a rogue list? Is it a RTG casino? Do they pay winners and do they pay winners in a timely manner? How is the customer service and who handles the money, ecash?

    Even though I liked all the games at Lady Dream(not compared to real money play)I would like to get some info on the casino before I throw away my hard earn money because I don't play with the ideal that I'm going to win. I like surprises. Seems like I heard or read in the forum something about Lady Dream Casino. I can't recall if it was positive things about the casino or if it negative. Therefore, I am requesting any info that you can pass on. I value you guys opinion with the upmost respect.
  2. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Babysister be extremely careful around this operation and its siblings. If you check the archives, Rogues and the news archives here at Casinomeister you will find chapter and verse, but this is NOT a good venue.
  3. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member


    Didn't you read my response in the other thread yesterday? This is what I stated:

    [color=ff0000]NO! NO! NO! NO!

    Do not play there! There have been added to the "rogue" section; I just haven't finished my writeup on them and uploaded it.

    There are several complaints that have gone either unresolved or unanswered. [/color]

    Good luck!
  4. babysister

    babysister Experienced Member MM

    Thanks for the info. I will keep my money in my pocket and stick with Starluck. At least I know their reputation is good and they do pay winners(me) without any hassle. Bryan, I just now read the article about LD. I'm glad I check this out before registering and depositing my money. It's really a sad situation that one has to inquire whether casinos are reputable before you invest your money because in this business it's hard to trust the casinos and their affliates. What really disturbs me is that there are too many new casinos poping up everyday with these great sign up bonuses and then the player wind up getting screwed. :axeman:
  5. jigga

    jigga Dormant account

    That's too bad. I thought they had a really really nice site. With really really nice games.
  6. babysister

    babysister Experienced Member MM

    Appearance can be deceptive. Appearance can mean you will not get paid. Appearance can get you blacklisted on a data base.

    JIGGA: I thought the games were really nice too.
    But I learned to accept the opinions of the Casinomeister and his forum members. Here you will get the truth and can save you cash.

    Good luck!!!! :)
  7. jigga

    jigga Dormant account

    i hear you babysister. actually i heard the meister was really good with that. but i've seen on other boards how people trash talk each other with out backing up what they say. or distorting information.

    I don't remember where i saw it, maybe it was here, but i have heard negative things about golden palace for example, but i find them to be one of my favourites. also, when disses a casino, how do i know the guy is not sour because he lost, which 96% is bound to happen?

    Don't get me wrong, it sounds like LadyDream is genuinely not a good place to go. I just thought i would voice my opinion on the matter.

    Also something else i notice, is that, if these boards and portal were authentic in their recommendations of casinos, then how come some of the top ones are never mentioned? Is it because there is no affiliate program or something? This is only coming to mind because there are a few sites that i think offer one really good service or another but i never see them promoted.

    I'm new the CasinooMeister so that's why i ask. I figure i'd get a good answer at a place like this.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Jigga, whilst I agree that one should not necessarily accept individual posts as the gospel truth for exactly the reasons you underline, experienced gamblers should look further than that to discern whether others have experienced hassles, or whether there is archived history at good portals like this one which give an indication of past casino behaviour. So the exchange of player opinion is an important part of protecting yourself and posts should be read.

    Taking your Golden Palace as a case in point, if you look in the archives here and at WOL you will see why this casino is shunned even today by many players that were severely ripped off in the past. There are also posts of internet links to a massive Canadian scam which involved the ownership - all useful as indicators from which prospective gamblers can draw their own conclusions.

    There are those who feel that "redemption" of casinos with a bad past that are now apparently giving good and fair service is appropriate. And there are others who do not feel that such redemption is possible without radical changes of ownership or management.

    The important thing, however is that you have the tools to make your own judgement on individual issues like this.

    Golden Palace is very cleverly marketed and undoubtedly successful. In more recent times there have been few reports of dishonest casino practice but the point is that players need to research this stuff before making decisions that could cost them dearly - after all it is their money.

    Fair and professional portalmasters and their sites fulfil a valuable need for the player by providing the information he or she needs to protect themselves in an unregulated industry with more than its fair share of sharks.

    You will form your own opinion as to those portals that can be trusted and those that are chasing the fast buck and to hell with the rest. That's your choice too - the main thing is that you research in places you trust before committing hard earned cash.
  9. jigga

    jigga Dormant account

    I think that was nicely put jetset.

    Thank God, other than losing occasionally, i can't say i found any online casino actually rip me off. With the exception of sometime in 98 or 99 when it was still new, i think one of the casinos i went to double charged my credit card. but they actually notified me and undid due to some technical error. I find it hard to believe that they ever would intentionally. It just makes no sense. Any casino that would dare do that is risking putting themselves out of business. So it must be that they made a mistake which they are entitled to do.

    I happen to like Grand Banks too. Yet i see that Black Widow is on the Rogues list here. And rumor has it that it's the same group. So either the group is sour or they are not. What gives in this situation, assuming it is true?

    Thanks for your time.

  10. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Black Widow, Sterlinghouse and Grandbanks all belong to the Pair of Dice group, and certainly the first two have been in one scrape after another. BW was particularly noteworthy and was on the brink of expulsion from the *real*, old OPA - in fact it was probably the catalyst that caused the breakup of the old OPA with the walkout of its volunteer advisers.

    Even a cursory search will illustrate the point.

    As to bad casinos - you appear to have been fortunate in your playing career thus far, as the many stories here and on other leading message boards show. Perhaps you are very careful in your research.

    It is an unfortunate fact that research is important because there are way too many operators behaving in a client unfriendly if not downright dishonest manner.
  11. jigga

    jigga Dormant account

    I hear you jetset. Thanks alot for offering a little bit of perspective.


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