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Jun 27, 2021
I was playing for quite a while on Ladbrokes casino as i thought it was a decent casino to play at. After playing the same slot for a couple of months, i noticed that the payouts were way less than usual and i thought something was dodgy. I made an online complain through Resolver as i wanted to know the RTP of the slot since i had issues with checking the question mark on the bottom left or make the trick with inspecting the page through google chrome (i mentioned my problem on a previous post, wanted to update the post but i thought that the problem that i am facing now might not be relevant to the issue that i had before). The result was them not actually mentioning the RTP of the slot and just trying to explain to me how RTP works. They gave me a 20 pound bonus (which i find this to be a complete joke) for 'the inconvenience caused'. I replied and asked again for the RTP of the slot only to be told that i don't know how the RTP works. After their last message, i asked them one more time to tell me the RTP of the slot as they were avoiding my question and that i didn't want to have any further discussion and i haven't got a reply since then.

The day after (or maybe 2 days after, i can't remember exactly) they put a limitation to my account in order not to be able to deposit any money, without giving me a heads about about it as i was able to deposit money normally up until that date and they asked me to get in touch with them to sort this out. I found that to be the perfect opportunity for me to stop playing so i left it as it was after having a brief chat with live support. They called me at some point to sort my account out but i didn't want to do anything about it since i was only login into the account to spin the prize wheel every day and see if i can get anything back. I didn't reply to their phone calls or emails as i didn't want to get frustrated over the matter or remove the limitation on the account and get tempted to gamble.

On the 6th of August, they had a bonus for free cash and i got 5 pounds out of it so i decided to go and play on the same slot again just to kill some time. I ended up winning around 400 pounds which i tried to withdraw and it was successful. After the withdrawal ( I will admit that the next step was extremely stupid as i should have known better and not trust them) i tried to deposit some money and see if it works in order to play some more and kill some time. To my surprise, the limitation was lifted right after the deposit and i was able to deposit money as per usual. I made a couple of deposits after the first one and kept playing without any problems.

Since there was a limitation on my account in order not to deposit any more money and for them to 'protect me' and not lose any more money, shouldn't the limitation be active even after the deposit? Why the limitation was off only when i withdrew the winnings and not before that? Is this normal?

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That has all the hallmarks of a loss limit as opposed to a deposit limit - in other words, your limit on depositing was negated after a withdrawal as you were 'ahead'.

I want to believe that it is something along those lines but the issue with that is:

1) It happened right after i made a complaint and not before. I would assume that if there was an issue with the loss limit (which i haven't had such thing before on the website as i have deposited way more the previous months and lost way more without having a loss limitation applied on my account) it would have happened before the complaint and not right after.

2)I do not recall anyone mentioning loss limit on any of the conversations that i had with them. Wouldn't they just tell me that i have lost a lot therefore they had to apply a limit to my account?

From what i've read so far about their ways of protecting their customer in such cases, they are not very good at doing that. I stumbled upon this as well
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and got me thinking...
I think your clutching at straws here..
It was a limit that was not requested by yourself, which makes this even hard to try to claim back.

And as Dunover says, it most likely was a Loss limit, implemented when you made the complaint and then you recieved some money effectively making it so you were in plus and the loss limit was not valid, for probably £400.

I can't see they've done anything wrong here.
Own it up, learn by your mistakes and move on.
It's maybe a new tactics from casinos I've found without them informing me they've set loss limits & deposits as per request from the ukgc, problem is they were happy to a couple of k in deposits then very sneaky popped this on.

To be honest I think there all going to same path, I've also just had couple bans due to me questioning my rtp% & also got a email about problem gamblers straight after you questioning them.

It seems too fishy to me & shall only deposit at decent places now.
Sounds more like a KYC issue to me. They have to make regular checks now rather than just the once (like it was years ago). Sounds like they blocked your payment methods while checking again.

Or... It could be a deposit limit you have on another site, some sites in the Entain group share deposit limits you may have in place
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