Ladbrokes 2000 daily withdrawal limit


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Aug 6, 2007
I like how quickly Ladbrokes process withdrawals, the money can be back in your account the next day sometimes and they don't have a crappy withdrawal period to tempt more losses.

Whilst you can your daily deposit limit there doesn't appear to be a way to up the withdrawal limit, so if you get a big win you have to withdraw 2k per day and there is a temptation to get greedy and carry on.

When I quizzed CS over the phone they gave me a BS excuse along the lines of 'it's to protect people from using dodgy cards and withdrawing huge amounts'. I understand this to an extent but surely players with a history and reputation should get some extra limits?

It annoys me that whilst I'm playing at 5/10 spin of my hard earned money that (by their own admission) there are people trying to dodgy stuff and them putting these limits in place.

It's not every day I have the opportunity to withdraw that amount but a few times when I've hit bigger wins after marathon sessions only to find I've hit the limit and have often carried on playing and ended up well down.

Anyone else had the same problem and/or a solution?


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
BS excuse, it is there to protect the CASINO, not the players. Preventing large DEPOSITS is the means to guard against addict behaviour or "dodgy" cards.
Since they pay so fast, they are lacking the inbuilt delay period that might show up a "dodgy" deposit, hence limiting it to 2000 a day means they will not lose a large amount quickly if anything funny is going on.
This is no less than the Casino Action limit on daily Neteller withdrawals (2000 for Platinum players), however you can have the 10,000 per week limit applied as a single withdrawal, rather than phased over 5 days.
The key is to have discipline, and withdraw 2000 each day, while the casino hopes you get tempted to play again while waiting.
The best way is to deposit the first 2000 elsewhere* to play, and leave Ladbrokes alone until everything has been paid out.

* Not just other casinos, but your bank too:D