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Suspicious Email Alert - Fake Consumer Complaint Notices
A suspicious “consumer complaint” e-mail is circulating with the Subject line that reads 'New consumer complaint registered!' claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission. The e-mail is a fake and contains links to sites that attempt to infect the recipient's PC with malware.

All recipients of this fraudulent email should delete it from their inbox immediately. This is a virus/malware.

If you receive this fraudulent e-mail in your Inbox, please follow the below instructions:

Do not click on any hyperlinks contained within the e-mail.
Do not forward the e-mail.
Do not respond to the sender.
Delete the e-mail immediately.
Simply opening the email does not appear to cause harm. However, it is likely that anyone who has clicked on the links has downloaded the virus on their computer, and should run an anti-virus program. The virus appears to install a “key logger” that could potentially grab passwords and account numbers. More information about bogus emails, phishing, and virus protection is available at

For more information on a variety of related topics, visit the FTC Web site.


Banned User - Chargebacks at Slotastic
I used a keylogger to catch an unfaithful woman several years back. They are capable of collecting basically anything you type, be it passwords, account numbers, etc., so this is a serious threat.