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Feb 21, 2006
Thought I'd share this with you all and see what you think

Was playing some poker yesterday and decided to take a break and saw that the software has a casino tab, so clicked on this and found roulette, my favorite game. So played some and after a few spins this came up, as you can see the ball on the wheel has landed on number 15 but both the board and the pop window show number 19, so no win:confused:

Emailed the casino CS and they came back with the reply that the ball is hovering between 15 and 19! I've emailed them back to say that if that was the case then the board would not have registered 19 yet, this only happens after the ball has landed. They came back to my 2nd email with a question to my question and asking for a transaction number. But as I already explained when I looked at playcheck it only shows my poker play and not roulette.

Anyways I'm not fussed about the money (18$ if 15 had come in) and this is a reputable casino (that's why I've blanked out casino name) and they were more then generous earlier in the week when I reopened my account with them. But in the interest of all players what do you think, should they do more to investigate the problem?

Let It Ride...
"CS said the ball was hovering between 15 and 19." They must be smoking too many funny fags today. Its clearly in slot 15. They speak about the ball like its real, jees its only graphics supporting the number already generated when the ball started its animation around the wheel. Unfortunately the number 19 was selected by the RNG but the animation f***ed up:lolup:

Its 99.9% a software problem or 0.1% the place is rigged.

IMHO of course.

This is clearly a MG Flash casino game, even though in a poker room - it is therefore 100.1% a software problem:D

The "hovering" explanation given would indicate a "hardware" problem in CS. Someone who had no idea of the game might think that a steel ball is capable of spontaneously hovering at the Earth's surface in a B&M casino. I can't even think why this explanation would even exist in the cut 'n paste library that some CS departments are so fond of:D

This level of entertainment is surely worth $15:lolup:
10 days on and the casino still hasn't come back to me with a reply. I've asked them to check the logs to confirm which number did come up! they say they've asked MG to look into and are waiting for someone to extract the data from the database.

Disappointing service from a otherwise good casino, at the very least they should have declared it a NO SPIN.
You're very right, this is cleary an issue that needs to be looked at. I wonder if this happens in the normal download client of the casino as well...

In defence of the casino, it's clear that the RNG took 19 and that it's just the animation that is defective. We ofcourse know how this works, but anybody not knowing that the graphical part is just supporting the RNG would feel very cheated.
update to my earlier post

Casino emailed me this evening to say the software suppliers have identified a bug and have released an update.

Casino in question was 32Red and a big :thumbsup: to them for listening and fixing.
elscrabinda said:
Pretty poor that they don't pay out anyway. Its only $18!

oh they did, as always 32Red were generous and put some extra chips in my account and it was more than the 18 bucks, call it my bug finders fee :D
that's why I only play live online roulette. you only have to worry about the magnet screwing you. lol. :)

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