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Just wanted to "thank" belarussian government for devaluation of belarussian rouble (it happened on the night of 31 Dec/1 Jan) :mad: Rouble literally collapsed! All people, who held their money in roubles, in one moment lost more than 20 % of their funds!!! Thanks God, I'm too conservative and hold money in EUR and USD...I would have lost more than 15.000$...
So now belarussians are experiencing real financial crisis...


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According to this video Slotmonster, this is only just the beginning of things to come. First they have to crash the current worlds currency.....

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Having watched the UK pound sterling heading south for the last couple months, dramatically reducing the value of savings, I can only sympathise with you Slot Monster.

These are tough times where one has to hang in and wait for the turnaround, which will come in time.

And after years of preaching the need to place some of one's disposal income in savings, governments, the economists and bankers are now totally negating that idea by reducing interest levels to almost zero.

It's a whacky world alright....


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hmmmm i understand your discomfort... i lost loads on my house abroad cos of the fall in euro to pound sterling!

I think the only thing that can save the economy is positivity! we need to stay positive that the cyclical motion of the world economy will recover.. for the mean time all you plumbers, electricians and joiners out there... hang on... rest assured that once the credit returns to the for-front you will be back in action with bigger and better projects...

all you out there worrying about your debt.. be proactive... money is the easiest thing in the world to get your hands on... all you have to do is SOMETHING...WORK...SELL...ADVERTISE...DEVELOP THAT BUSINESS IDEA U THOUGHT OF WAY BACK WHEN... sometimes working like the preverbial dog is the only way, but hay, hard times call for hard measures... get gambling...

Good luck, but rest assured your prayers are being heard and positive, pro-active actions will keep you a breast!


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I feel everyone's pain indeed. Since I moved to the states in mid April, the Swedish crown, which is the currency of my major bank account, has lost value at an alarming rate:

April 22, 2008 - 1 USD = 5.89 SEK

Jan 13, 2009 - 1 USD = 8.03 SEK

Quite unforseeable, but I should have gotten rid of my crowns then to avoid this 34% loss :mad:


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What chance did the man in the street have in foreseeing the magnitude of this crash....hell, even the experts (or most of them) missed the growing sub-prime mortgage crisis that triggered the decline.

I'm all for a positive attitude, but what would help even more is if the banks that were part of this debacle in the first place would loosen up some of the trillions they've been given by various governments to see them through the crisis.

Small to medium businesses need that sort of liquidity to keep going, and with the latest UK short term predictions of unemployment reaching 3.1 million, the survival of these employers is critical for the economy.