Just for the new people dont play at any egamingcommission approved casinos


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Apr 20, 2003
Go take a look at the list for your self, hampton,domain and others, slow pay to fixed casinos.

I also feel bad reading at some of the webmaster help forums, people buying up alot of fake front casinos, and not knowing they slow pay,(windows casino fake front) They all on ebay and in magazine racks promtoting bull crap.


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Jun 30, 1998
Please take note: Just because the egaming commission lists a casino, it does not mean that the casino is a member. Casino Domain publically disassociated themselves from the eGaming Commission nearly two years ago. I'm sure many casinos listed there are not members. The operators of Windows set this "commission" up quite a while ago to rubber stamp the crappy casinos they were churning out. They also signed up some of their buddies, and convinced a number of others that this was a good idea.