Dormant account
Nov 8, 2007
i have been playing at jungle for long time and 3 weeks ago cashed out a small amount of $ with no problem.on nov5 i tried to cashout again and they would not let me.i play mainly tournaments and no ring games.they say they now changed rule for cashout and i have to play ring games to aquire raked hands before i can wd $.ALL REAL MONEY TOURNAMENTS are now treated like freerolls as this is requirement for freeroll $.i think this is absurd as my $ is real money going into tourny just as it is in ring games and feel i should be able to cashout my winnings wheather it is real $ in ring game or REAL $ in tournys.also at jungle poker there is so few people there most play at 10c blinds and not higher so it is almost impossible to aquire even 1 raked hand.a raked hand is 1 with a minimum 50c rake and 10c blinds is rare to see a rake of 50c.please if you are like me and prefer tournament play do not play here and expect to cashout your winnings. ty for reading this and i feel better now getting this off m
y chest and hope i can deter others from playing there


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
Jungle Poker and Wingows have been having serious problems. Players for months complained about slow and no pays as these two rooms claimed "We are having technical issues with ePassporte" although they still accepted it as a deposit then ePassporte. Then they no longer offered epass for deposits or cashouts saying that there was too much fraud. In other words they were in trouble with epass and epass dropped them.

A US poker room w/o ePass is in trouble as it really cannot do business with US players efficiently. Combine this with players waiting too long for cashouts and few if any getting their cashouts and this is recipe for disaster. Don't be surprised to see this network fold.