Juega Ocho - Deposit Limit System - Not Protecting Players


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Mar 16, 2012
I know, I know, I shouldn't have joined due to other issues with this casino but was tempted by the 200% bonus for a bit of play time, anyway........

I set a small deposit limit before depositing the same amount as my limit. I subsequently lost my deposit and bonus after a good bit of playtime. I went back to deposit limit page and clicked on the remove my limit button expecting to get a message staying it would be X amount of time before the limit would be removed but no message; but I fully expected the deposit limit still to be in place for some amount of time, 24 hours or whatever. In addition I checked the responsible gambling section and not a word deposit limits.

So I then tried another small deposit and I was shocked to see the deposit being accepted! :eek:

So what is the point in the deposit limits if you can instantly remove them?!?! None! Absolutely no point at all!!!

I checked with live chat and they confirmed that as soon as you click on the remove limit button you can instantly deposit again. I questioned how they protect players etc. but was soon booted from the chat.

Very dodgy! Avoid like the plague!


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Jan 22, 2013
Larnaca, Cyprus, Cyprus
This is correct.

This casino is rogue - besides the above their support personnel are repeatedly lying to their customers, stalling, not closing accounts when requested + doing a whole host of other shady things.

I have had problems with casinos before during my 8 years gambling online, but this is the first time I actually consider myself being scammed.