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Jan 18, 2022
Hi just a query. I was playing on the phone casino site and was in the middle of a game and had acquired free spins which I began winning on. I was then kicked off game and locked out of my account. The message I get now just says I’ve reached deposit limit and I need to send updated documentation of source of income, to update deposit limits. As I have stated I was in the middle of a game and haven’t requested increase. So now I can’t access account to complete and find outcome of spins or withdraw. I have sent my wage slip and emailed phone casino and just keep getting same response wait for review they need to check documents thoroughly it’s only one wage slip. They will not answer my questions about my free spins. Can they just kick me off in middle of game and lock me out. I understand I have to wait for my documents to be checked which is now been three days but they will not answer my questions.
casino is properly regulated, maybe its a bit busy due to delay in response/confirmations. Just keep to contact support and ask for updates and in the meanwhile, take it easy, will be sorted.
Ok thanks for reply :)
Hey just a query re: above phone casino. They want proof of wins going into my PayPal I’ve sent all emails I received and screen shot of PayPal but PayPal doesn’t show name. It only shows name on emails which they won’t accept. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do. I just get told Google it which of course I have but I don’t get the option to create a statement. Now I’m getting no reply again as what to do.

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